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Elder Abuse Policy Assignment Help

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Give a brief overview of the policy. Its date of implementation, if known. What is its nature?

Under the Elder abuse policy, it remains as a part of the growing system which is largely invisible with respect to the national policy issue (Castle, 2015). Under this system, it is also related to the number of elderly persons which would be increasing and to also connect with the elder abuse along with the neglect, and financial exploitation. It has also be applied per the implications that are not considered under the only factors of the victims and the programs which are part of the framework of the protection that would respect to the publicly funded programs which are part of the Medicare and Medicaid. It is also important part of the address elder abuse with respect to the national level that are prominent part of the comprehensive along with the informed way that can also analyze with the respect to the prevention untold factual things of the suffering of hundreds of thousands with respect to the older persons that can also result in the who deserve with respect to the final years with dignity and security. Under this policy, it results in the non-abuse policy of the elders after 62 years.

Who is bound by this policy?

Under this policy, the government, elder people and even the family members are bounded with the abuse part. It is mandatory that all of them adhere to the policy, in case of any violation or issue one can alert the authorities (Dong, 2015). This is also part of the system which would help in nonviolence activities against the elders who are abused on a regular basis.

Why is there a need for this policy? In your opinion, is this policy necessary?

There is a need for such policy as on a regular basis, there has always been a regular abuse which has caused certain concerns on the safety and the other related issues (Jackson, 2016). It is always important to ensure that the safety, non-abuse and also non-violation protocols are maintained. In my opinion, such policy should be made mandatory as the elder people suffer on account of the mentally, emotionally and the physical torturous activities. It would lead to an end and would also govern an independent policy (Roberto, 2016).

Should it be changed or even eliminated? Based on the five theoretical models given by Freiberg and Carson, upon which do you think this policy implementation decision was based? Why??

Under the Evidence, based decision making was necessary to step to ensure that the older abuse policy has been enacted. It is also one of the important tools it would be related to the system of the factors that can be applied under the revealing and examining with respect to the overall risk that can be related to the factor (Pillemer, 2016). This would also concretely be done as evidence that can relate to the increase chances of meeting the best decision. Under the Friedberg and Carson model, it is important to be inclined with respect to the individuality evidence. This would also challenge the policy implementation decisions which would evidence-based.

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