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Diversity Management Assignment Help

What does it mean to be an effective manager in a diverse workplace?

How should they be doing these tasks?·

How should managers be engaging with a diverse workforce?·

What personal attributes should managers have in order to be effective?·

What skills do managers need to acknowledge ethical, cultural, social, and team issues?·

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The present analytical essay outlines managerial effectiveness in a diverse workplace. In conjunction with the diversity management issue, managers understand each employee and move beyond the tolerance level to embrace the uniqueness within each individual. The managers engaged with the workforce having a difference in culture and thought process holds certain personal attributes in them which includes, conflict resolution skills, effective communication, and planning and implementation (Ali, Metz and Kulik 2015). For solving team-related issues the manager needs have sufficient knowledge on discrimination laws, outline acceptable job descriptions, facilitated a free flow of communication, and promote an empowered work atmosphere. The report describes the work style of millennials and the existing work system.

Millennials communication style

According to Hartman and McCambridge (2011), the millennium (born between the years 1980 to 2000) constitute the one-third population in the United States, which is approximately 80 million. The author believes that the stereotypical opinion of the millennial population identifies them as technologically sophisticated multitaskers. They have grown up in a digital age which makes them outstanding from baby boomers and generation X. Since they are well acquainted with the technological revolution environment, it makes them a bit of technology, media, and communication. They are considered as ambitious, accepting, expressive, independent, and inquisitive. They are regarded as an efficient and useful asset but providing a vital contribution to the future organization. Despite having excellent technological know-how, this age group lacks both oral and written interpersonal skills. However, incorporating style flexing and style typing skills can help as building blocks for the millennials to develop their personality. Furthermore, some additional interpersonal skills such as optimizing communication effectiveness, conflict management, conflict negotiation active listening, and audience analysis can create them as a better entrepreneurial personality (Hartman, and McCambridge 2011). Overall, the objective is to achieve the organisational objectives and retain the competitive positioning in the market.

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The way we think about work is broken

Based on the Ted talk on "the way we think about work is broken" by Barry Schwartz the satisfying factor off work has been described. Apart from getting the paycheck or salary, there are several other intangible values associated with our work satisfaction (Schwartz 2015). However, these intangible values are often get ignored by most of us. According to Schwartz, employee's approach towards the work not only affect their performance but also affect their quality of life. He believes that the integration of capitalism and the Industrial Revolution in the present work culture have successfully eliminated pleasure from daily life. The existing work system has been created with the belief that humans are lazy and can work to any extent by getting payment. This thought has trapped most of the people and forced them to work with low-paid jobs. They are even deprived of non-material satisfaction and enjoyment in life. Adam Smith also suggested that humans can improve their work performance through motivation, however, salary can only help them to buy materialistic happiness. A work system has been designed for the people, in which they are forced to work accordingly. For instance, procedures rules, incentives program, zero tolerance behaviour-based safety have been created by the organization to make their workforce controllable and trustworthy. On the contrary, these implementations turned out to completely opposite outcomes, such as sneaky behaviors, violations, and distrust.

ECST (ethical, social, cultural and team)

Based on journal article evidence, it is apparent both baby boomers and millennial differ on the basis of ECST. According to Hartman and McCambridge, generation X or millennials technologically-advanced as compared to baby boomers. Millennials are globally concerned, adaptable, sociable, technologically savvy, environmentally conscious, and realistic (Anderson, Buchko, and Buchko 2016). On the contrary, baby boomers are rigid and resistant to change management. Thus, in an organization, the manager faces difficulties and challenges to handle a workforce having different behaviour, skills, and attitude. According to the report of Schwartz (2015), millennials prefer to work independently without any work pressure and need constant motivation.


In summary, it can be concluded that an effective manager is well capable of handling its diverse employees irrespective of their difference in age and thought process. However, the manager needs to assign and distribute according to the employees according to their abilities to avoid any conflict. Thus, it gave an impression for the requirement of balance between organizational dynamic and maintaining effectiveness. For instance, the Millennials should be given the technological tasks, considering their expertise in it. In addition to this, managers should try to constantly boost their employees' motivation and confidence level to create a satisfied workforce. gives accountability of your time and Money – Avail TOP results originated Diversity Management Assignment Help solution services at best rates!

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