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Human resources of an organization make up vital resources for the effective functioning of the organization. More specifically the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization do depend on the quality and caliber of the human resources of the organization. Hence identifying the required human resources is one challenge and the second challenge is devising an effective recruitment plan to enable right resources are deployed in the organization. Hence the strategy of recruitment makes up a very significant aspect of employee resources procurement in any organization. The strategy needs to be designed to get the right skills for the organization as well it should meet other aspects like the budget, timing and other resources required for.  Recruitment plan will also depend on other factors like the job description, availability of the skills internally or unavailability, scarcity of the talents, budget for the strategy and employee wages etc. The following part of the write-up is presented exclusively to discuss the recruitment strategy for the job description presented before. The emphasis will on different factors that do impact the recruitment plan and a model template with details of the budgeting and approximate timing is presented.

Overview of the job description:

The position available at present is for Blue cross-organization and the job title is registered nurse. The nurse is expected to provide services to the veterans.  The nurse should possess the necessary aptitude to meet the psychological, physical and spiritual needs of the elders. Apart from these basic skills, they should also possess the necessary capabilities to organize activities and functions in accordance with the vision of the organization and should contribute to the sustained development of the organization. Following are some of the factors that do impact the strategy of the recruitment plan.

Internal factors:

- If in accordance with the organization policy if the registered nurse is to be selected in accordance with the talent available within the organization, a registered nurse for the current requirement i.e., for elderly care needs to be selected from the available pool of candidates in the organization.

- Also if the organizational internal staff does not have the necessary previous minimum one year experience in management or the training in an acute aged care setting, then obviously the recruitment strategy need to focus on external candidates.

- Even if there are candidates available with the necessary mandatory training or managerial experience if they do not possess the necessary Nursing registration with approval by AHPRA or if they do not have the necessary accreditation standards exposure, then they cannot be considered for recruitment and hence the strategy need to focus on external candidates.

- All registered nurses required for this functionality need to possess unique skills like documentation skills, emergency response management skills, legal compliance skills. Further, they should have the necessary capabilities to understand the working conditions, the necessity to be attentive, need to remain on-call duty, emergency duties obligation etc. Hence people possessing these skills are necessary for this organization. They do make up essential internal factors that do become part of the recruitment strategy.

- As per the organizational policy, the prospective job candidate needs to be well acquainted with the organizational philosophy, vision and mission requirements. They need to function to improve the organizational image and sustain the service motto of Blue cross as part of their job function.

External factors:

- There are several external factors that can impact the recruitment of the registered nurses, if there is plenty of talent available outside the organization with the required mandatory requirements as well if fit the budget of the organization, the strategy can obviously focus on external candidates.

- Government legislation regarding other certifications required for the candidates for deputing in veteran care does influence the strategy.

- The demand for the skills and the industry wage rate also will impact the recruitment strategy.

- The type of desirable skills for the candidate like if the organization is a multicultural organization and if the candidates are expected to possess the skills in dealing with multinational patients and attendants, if they need to work with multi-cultural teams, then the staff need to possess special skills. They should possess cultural tolerance skills as well as other skills like high-quality communication etc. Hence the conditions in which the organization does function also will impact the recruitment strategy.

Recommendation and justification of the job advertisement medium:

Job boards, social media and recruitment agencies all do work as convenient platforms for recruitment. Since the current recruitment needs a very competent person with all very well defined skills, knowledge, certification, attitude and competency, there is a need to recruit the right candidates without compromise. Hence all the possible job advertisement channels can be employed in this regard. Job boards can be employed; social media (Carter-Harris, 2016) can be employed. Also, recruitment agencies can be contacted to get the right candidates for the required posting. Apart from these channels, even internal candidates can be recruited for these requirements and hence, internal job posting can also be done.

Sample advertisement:

Blue cross-organization is seeking a registered nurse of taking care of elderly patients. Blue cross-organization is a service-oriented organization and seeks candidates with utmost dedication and commitment for the job. They need to possess a continuous learning attitude and mandatory qualifications as well. The following are the skills and requirements for the said position

Essential requirements:

• A RN Div. 1 Current Nursing Registration approved by AHPRA.

• Previous Management/Training minimum of 1-year experience in acute and aged care setting.

• Good understanding of Accreditation standards.

Desirable requirements:

• Tertiary Management Qualification.

• Wound Management Certificate.

• Knowledge of Icare Health Software

• Extraordinary verbal and written social capacities (Gunawan et al., 2018).

• Be a good Problem solver.

• Able to work in a team and lead staff when required.

Essential Responsibilities:

• To maintain an organizational culture that reflects the philosophy of BlueCross, enhancing learning, improvement, teamwork, communication and consultation.

• To ensure about the completion of duty of care by maintaining an organizational environment which promotes, safety, security, personal integrity and optimal health.

• To participate in education delivers to carer staff and other seminars.

• Use formal and informal communication channels to develop effective communication between health professionals, clients and representatives.

• Complete documentation by considering all the needs/issues of residents.

• Problem-solving attitude in the areas of responsibility.

• Residents care needs, and preferences must be reflected in their care plans.

• Accurately and timely reporting of resident’s needs, expectations and changes in condition.

• Timely evaluation of care plans as per schedule.

• Ensure about safe administration of medication.

• Ensure proper supervision of carer staff and provide guidance as required.

• Maintain Privacy and confidentiality (Mazhindu et al., 2016).

• Ensure about accurate and legal documentation on incidents.

• Ensure about the rights of staff and residents.

• Ensure about effective communication with families, health personnel and residents.

• Infection control.

• Reports to Nurse Unit Manager.

Remuneration and prospects:

- Blue cross-organization offers competitive packages for the right candidates. Remuneration is not an obligation for the right candidate.  Blue cross-organization offers a competitive salary and long term career growth prospects for the most suitable candidates.

- The organization offers continuous learning and growth prospects for the right candidates. Also, the organization will provide the necessary family and child care and support as per the policies.



However still the actual budget can be constrained based on the budget of the organization and other prevailing organizational policies

Sample Interview Questions:

1. How do you respond in case of an emergency?

2. What are the typical day to day routine health monitoring requirements of an elderly patient?

3. What will you do in case of cardiac arrest of a patient?

4. What are the certification requirements for an acute management plan?

5. What will you do in case a patient is behaving violently?

6. What are the daily routine medicines required for elderly patients?

7. What is the typical staff duties in an acute care setting?

8. What is your knowledge of management?

9. What skills do you possess in IT stream for supporting nursing duties?

10. What are your essential obligations for Blue cross?

11. What do you know about Blue cross?

12. How do you contribute to Blue cross-organization sustainability?

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