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Role of Leaders in an Organization Assignment Help

What role do you believe a leader plays during an organizational change? 

What skills and knowledge do you have that can help you lead others through change? 

What are ways you can motivate employees through an organizational change? How would the culture of the organization play a role in your decision? 

If you have experience with organizational change, please share it as part of your reflection. If you do not have experience with change, explain what you think you would do if given the opportunity. 

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Leaders play a vital role in any organization. In a company like Microsoft Corporation that has global recognition, the leaders have an important task to motivate the employees to work efficiently so that they can implement all the changes required for the development of the company. Skills required to do so is discussed here.

Roles of a leader to bring changes

The leaders in Microsoft have the following roles to play to engage the employees in an organizational change:

• The leaders elect a sponsor who is responsible to keep the initiatives of change alive within the organization (Donate & de Pablo, 2015). The Board of Directors including Bill Gates and Satya Nadella are all a part of it.

• Leaders have to be consistent in their actions and words and be a role model to induce change.

• Decision making has to be quick and authoritative but beneficial to all.

• Communication has to be open and transparent in order to clearly state the objectives and expectations of the firm (Donate & de Pablo, 2015).

• Engaging in the process of change is vital. Empathetic and energetic leaders are the ones that the employees look up to and follow.

• The leaders hold specific people accountable for specific changes and do not let them stray from their goals. They help to overcome obstacles by being fair and exact (Xu et al., 2016).

Knowledge and skills required

The following knowledge is required by the Board of Directors and the leaders at Microsoft to bring in efficient and profitable changes in culture, divisions, management, products, and more:

• The leaders have to engage with the employees who are the front-line personnel of the company and have accurate results of all operational units (Xu et al., 2016). Microsoft as a company is worker-oriented and that gives them a competitive edge.

• The change politics have to be identified by mitigating brokering deals or uncertainty and by propagating sincere effort making concepts.

• The leaders need to have their priorities on focus (Donate & de Pablo, 2015).

• To bring transformation, one needs to have perseverance.

Ways of motivation

The changes in the various departments of Microsoft Corporation like the culture change can be brought if the leaders successfully motivate the employees to have a shared mission (Xu, Loi & Ngo, 2016). It can be done in the following ways:

• The employee learning and training procedures have to be facilitated and need to increase knowledge.

• The goals and objectives of the employees and that of the organization have to be aligned to give an image of togetherness and inclusion (Hughes, 2019).

• The communication channels within the organization have to be open and transparent to induce trust. Direct and positive communication is the key to positive change.

The culture of the workplace

The culture of Microsoft, which is consumer oriented and focused on employees plays important role in the decision-making process as it helps the leaders and workers to do what is right by being a strong force and gives freedom for growth to all workers equally (Hughes, 2019).


The role played by the leaders in Microsoft is vital as that has enabled the company to reach a global significance. The transparent and diverse nature of the owner and the board of directors have ensured a positive motivating effect on the employees and bring changes in the culture, technology or strategies of the firm (Hughes, 2019). The promotion of a collaborative stance is vital for an increased effort that has helped the company secure 1.5 billion users in around 190 nations. The leadership structure of the whole company goes through the change as well to maintain efficiency.


Organizational change in an important aspect of successful existence for Microsoft as it improves efficiency. As explained above, the leaders bring in the interventions for change and implement them successfully within the organizational units through their motivating skills. The environment and culture of the firm depend on the leaders as well.


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