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After reading the section on Emotion in Chapter 10, think about times in your life when you have been absolutely elated (e.g., perhaps your school’s basketball team just won a closely contested ballgame for the national championship) and very fearful (e.g., you are about to give a speech in your public speaking class to a roomful of 100 strangers).

How would you describe how your arousal manifested itself physically (i.e., biologically)? Were there distinct differences in physiological arousal associated with each emotional state?

Then, use 2 different theories of emotion to describe and explain one of the aforementioned experiences (e.g., either a time when you’ve been “elated” OR “very fearful”).

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Emotion can be stated as a subjective state of being the way we describe our feelings. Emotion and mood both are interchangeable, however psychologists uses these terms in different aspects. Emotion indicates affective state that is relatively intense and it occurs in response to experience.  As per the reading of Emotion chapter in the reference book I can relate myself in this stage.  Once I was won prize for being the best speaker in national debate champion and I was elated in winning the award. There are distinct differences with physiological arousal is associated with my emotional stage.

According to the theories of emotion, there are three different types of theories, like James –Lange Theory, Cannon Bard Theory, Cognitive theory. As per my experience I can suggest that James Lange Theory focuses on physiological changes that are associated with emotion following the conscious experience with the individuals. Emotion produces many necessary physiological changes that expresses overtly. However, American psychologist William James proposed that physiological changes look after corresponding emotional experiences. According to the theory fear, sorrow or anger cannot be a cause, but it is the effect of the stirred up body state that can be felt as per the perception of bodily changes.

Whereas, in the Cognitive theory, it forecasts that the intensity of emotion is focused upon the cognitive appraisal of current situation (Klinger, 2016). These theorists focused on generalized psychological excitation that is the characteristics of emotional state. In my case I was elated to win the price, it is a form of internal arousal, and the emotional state might be functioned as physiological arousal along with cognition that is appropriate to the state of arousal. This cognitive factors plays a significant role in emotional state, it helps in defining emotional process in individuals.

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