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Discussion: Nuclear Power Station and Reflection Assignment Help

How far away from you is the nearest nuclear power plant? Research to find the answer to that question, and share other details regarding the plant (name, to where does it supply electricity, how many employees, how many cooling towers, when was it built, and how many reactors it has). Describe your feelings on your own safety based on the distance the plant is from your home. Would you feel safe if it was in your own town?

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Discussion: Nuclear power station and Reflection

My current location is Clarksville it is very nearer to the Sequoyah Nuclear Power plant as well as Watts bar nuclear power stations. Between the two power stations Sequoya nuclear power plant is slightly more nearer. Sequoya power station has two different units for production of electricity and each of them has about 1160 MW of power generation capacity. Two reactors it has in total. As of now the power plant generates power to about 1.3 millions of homes in the Tennessee state every day. They are in operation since 1981 and 1982. The plant does have about 1000 full time employees and many more on ad-hoc basis. It has two major cooling towers and the plant has license to operate till 2040 and 41 and it can be extended by inspection and subsequent renewal of operations.

I always feel at continuous fear of safety of the plant. After hearing to the accidents of the Chernobyl and other incidents in Japan in the recent years, I cannot imagine myself staying in the same location where the nuclear power plant is located. I won't prefer to have a nuclear power plant in my home town.

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