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Intercultural Assignment Help

Evaluate whether the concept is applied effectively or ineffectively (good example or bad example).

Analyze the consequences of the concepts effective or ineffective application. Consider the short-term and long-term consequences to the character(s) and/or plot.

Go beyond the actual book In a concluding paragraph summarize your insights regarding intercultural communication as demonstrated in the book. What are the major lessons to be learned?

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Luis Rodriguez was a famous writer, photojournalist and a master in journalism. He received many awards in writing books. But his childhood an early years of his life were spent in gang activities and consuming drugs. He was born in United States-Mexico border. His parents relocated in the United States and had children over there. His father was a high school Principal in Ciudad Juarez but in Los Angeles, he worked in a dog factory, paint factory, and a construction company. He was brought up in impoverish way and developed many bad intolerable habits like involving himself in street gang and drug addiction. He had joined the Lomas gang in his initial years of Sangra 13 gang. His mother was a school secretary in Chihuahua but later worked in cleaning homes and a garment factory. She never used to take care of the children. His brother relocated to Los Angeles around when he was two years old.

He wrote an interesting and realistic book ‘ Always Running' for which he was awarded also. He wrote his motive to write such a novel in the Chicano environment good or bad. This novel is an autobiography which narrates the journey from a young boy to a troubled teenager. He faced many problems in his life like discrimination against himself and family, poverty, etc. He was a shy kid and never indulged himself in unnecessary fights. But one day older kids ganged him and he got the courage to face the situation and defended himself and won the fight. He gained confidence in his life to face unpredictable fight situation and after that nobody dares mess with him and he got respect in the society. At the age of 18, he became a tough young adult and joined the gang and experienced and witnessed police murders, suicides, homicides, violence drug overdoses, etc. He also became a drug addict and the stereotypical Chicano gangster". He has dropped out the school on several occasions, not because of his poor performance but due to his indulgence in many criminal activities.

In his story, he also described the problem and the challenges faced due to the intercultural differences and how to overcome them.

In the plot, the author describes how there has been a difference in the intercultural concepts and how an individual can best evade from the given situation. under any circumstances, the problems of the intercultural differences are faced in the form of the diverse problems, such as the communication and maintaining one own identity within the given community(Rodríguez, 2017). As we grow, we realize the differences, for example, if the African America would be identified form the dress they wear and the cultural or the festivals they would be abiding by. Similarly the Japanese within the community would be identified and distinguished through the language they speak, along with the food type they eat and how they behave. Intercultural differences can result in the huge differences such s the gap in the identification and forming one own identity. It is important to distinguish and understand how best one can exercise their challenges and identification. Over some time, one can create their identity by understanding the key differences and route out challenges (Gómez Rodríguez, 2015). It can be done through the help of orientation, by mixing with the crowd and similarly understanding each other differences and gaps, rather than imposing one own custom and tradition.

With regard, to the book, it describes beautifully how there can be a conflict, identification of the communication strategies and understanding the disconnect in the verbal and the nonverbal communication. Over some time, it would equally be important to hold with the patterns of the intercultural communication and how best one can relate with the different situations that can relate with the people belonging to the different cultural backgrounds interact. Within the growing up, it also identifies how one can face the problem of the language along with the key challenge in the form of the intercultural communication that can quickly help to relate with the social attributes, thought patterns, and relate to the different patterns that can culture of different groups of people

The strategies which have been identified with the help of the intercultural patterns would help to relate with keeping an open mind, along with understanding the pros and cons of the related strategies and how best one can practice the active listening, the relation of the nonverbal cues and maintaining the personal touch. It would be distinguished be important to understand how best one can understand the cultural backgrounds. Over some time, it is equally important to relate to understanding the differences by making a sound observation and at the same time relating to the required approaches. It can also provide a cumbersome process of understanding each other distinguished rituals, customs and the difference in identification, but it would equally help in relating to the desired approaches of the speaking constantly and affirmatively. It can help in establishing an identified approaches and also understanding each other expectation, and be in sync with the struck conversation (Cardoso, 2018). The book also helps to understand the strategies which are applied in the social scenarios and he/she faces a conflict with the social settings that can create a difference. With time, it can be overcome but at the moment, it has only resulted in the conflicts and created differences.

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