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ENV 345 Business & the Environment:- this course is carrying total 3 Credits. An environmental economics approach is utilized to illustrate the impact of the firm on the environment & environmental policy on the firm. Cost-benefits analysis is developed in student-driven research projects.

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With the whole world reeling under the drastic effects of climate change, the entire focus has come up to the measures being taken to curb and restore the balance in the nature. And to bring about this revolution, the great imperative and onus has been laid on the business or industrial world. With the multiple states adopting climate friendly policies, businesses around the world are finding themselves stuck in a conundrum. Almost all the businesses are now advised to adopt and follow practices that are not averse to nature and in this respect the course module of ENV 345 Business and the Environment has been proving beneficial and helpful for the environmentalists and business houses around the world. ENV 345 Business and the Environment focuses on educating the students about how the business choices that firms make impact the environment in a certain way and how to deal or formulate such polices that help the businesses flourish without hampering the nature and the environment.

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