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Innovation in Chemistry Assignment Help

While much of the chemistry you will be learning about in this class has not changed during the last 20 or more years (with the exception of some added elements), there is new chemical research and news happening all around you. What innovations in chemistry interest you the most? How has or will this innovation impact your life or community?

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Much of the chemistry we study has not changed, but there are many new concepts which are very interesting for students. Bioprinting is an interesting phenomenon. I really enjoyed learning about this concept. Bioprinting is a process of manufacturing in which growth factors and cells are combined to develop tissue-like constructions. These are actually imitation of natural tissues. Bio ink is used for creation of these structures. This innovation has positive influence on life and community. It is being utilized in bioengineering and medicine. The production of cartilage tissue can be helpful in regeneration and reconstruction. Actually, bioprinting is just like 3D printing. In a 3D printing, digital model makes a 3D object layer by layer. Bioprinting utilizes a living cell to create similar structures. Bioprinting requires adequate sterilizing mechanism to proceed with the procedure. The accuracy of cell tissues to create an imitation is a complex procedure. MRI and CT scans are the technologies which help in bioprinting. For community, bioprinting is very beneficial. Bioprinting has been used to repair heart after cardiac arrest, or place cells in the wounded skins, and so on. Muscles, bone tissues or heart valves can be fabricated using bioprinting.

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