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Corporate Liberation Assignment Help

Case Study 3

The unit we are currently studying is titled “Managing Group and Team Behaviour”. In this unit we have explored how groups form, develop and communicate. Previous to this unit our studies focussed on individual behaviour such as motivation, job satisfaction, attitudes, values, self-concept and more. The 2018 Harvard Business Review article “Give Your Team the Freedom to Do the Work They Think Matters Most” describes a little-known approach to management called corporate liberation. This type of management is fundamentally different from what most employees experience at work today. The effects of this management are wide-ranging and significant for many reasons. Consider all of the concepts covered so far in this course. Which ones are impacted by this new type of management? How are they impacted, and why?

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The concept of Corporate Liberation

As identified in the article by Carney& Getz(2018), the concept of Corporate liberation was identified to shift the control from managers to workers with an intention to empower them at work. This simple idea by the authors reflect the ultimate need of employee engagement for the betterment of the company. As identified by Reynolds (2017), it is often seen that companies following the concept of corporate liberation involve their employees in decision making and decision implementation process. It is true that companies investing in their employees experience higher efficiency from them resulting in achieving full commitment to the strategic vision of the company. The management style of a liberated company restricts the use of traditional command and control as it results in lesser employee engagement. In the traditional command and control management style, employee engagement and commitment reduce significantly impacting communication between the employer and employee. In the current scenario, Dent & Parnell (2018) suggests that organizations need culture of innovation where employees are provided with utmost responsibility of decision making to unlock growth opportunities for a better future. On providing the comfort zone to the employees the company's could add on to its productivity along with the quality which would be beneficial for the company in every perspective. Organizations have started adopting people-centered leadership styles to address the changing needs of employees. It is believed and has been observed multiple times that the successful engagement of an employee depends on the opportunities provided to them, the leadership style followed by the company, and the relationship between employees and the company.

Leaders within a liberated company serve as an integral part driving a positive attitude among the employees. As mentioned by Kinicki, Fugate & Digby (2016), it depends upon the efforts of both leaders and employees to invest time in creating an environment where they are able foster good behavior and collaborate productively. Leadership if taken in the correct path and through correct means then it Empowers the employees and empowering the employees by providing decision making power to them might be a difficult bet for many companies. However, this shift will provide a sense of responsible and flexible decision making among employees. Despite the considerable efforts made by the employees, managers and leaders will still exist in a liberated company to support, inform and validate the decisions taken by employees.The concept of Corporate liberation supports building of freedom-based team which is highly committed towards cultivating innovation within the organization. The philosophy of openness instills a sense of freedom within the organization which helps employees to act responsibly in their roles. This in return will reduce the efforts of managers resulting in lesser need for micromanagement. In a nutshell, employees are more committed when organizations are receptive, attentive and open about discussing matters that influences them to work for the betterment of the organization.

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