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Conflict Management Assignment Help

1. Explain how you assess if your conflict coaching met the needs of the conflicted parties in your scenario

2. Explain why a learning assessment is a parallel and concurrent process

3. Explain how the client's power-based, rights-based, interest-based perspectives may negatively affect the conflict coaching process

4. Discuss the implications and applicability of positive psychology and emotional management in conflict coaching

5. Describe your role in the Alternative Dispute Resolution processes (ODS - other conflict dispute resolution processes) and how a conflict coach might apply the five roles of conflict coaching in leveraging dispute resolutions processes.

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1. Conflict coaching met the needs of the conflicted parties in your scenario

Conflict coaching is defined as a set of skills and strategies that could equally be supportive in terms of creating a support peoples' ability that could be the obligation in terms of the engage in and it would be subjective to the management or productively resolve conflict. 

And it is how it has been actively involved and it can be based on people that could create with the dispute that would be collaborative and with the medication-based approach that would resolve disputes. It would be also defined and attributed to also create in terms of theparty dispute less and it would interested or is unwilling that would be noted to engage in such an approach.

Enter conflict coaching.

The conflict coaching is also defined which would be involved and also be created a person to work it out and it would be based on the benefits. It is alsohow one could effectively be related to the mode of conflict coaching and be advance towards the meditation and that could conflict.

2. Learning assessment is a parallel and concurrent process

The learning assessment is defined as a process of the Concurrent processing that could be based on the computing model that could be worked in terms of the multiple processors. It is also how one could make a quick adjustment and would be devised in terms of the executed instructions that would be better performance (Iqbal, 2019). TO introspect and also be able to determine how one could relate with the concurrent means and it would be denoted how there can be understood in what happens along with a rationale that can create a set up for the same time that would be something else.  In here as the tasks are broken down that are now divided into the subtasks it also has to be designed and also be accessed concerning the assigned to separate processors and it can create how there would be part of the performance in terms of how one could be sequentially enabled. In the same way to demand and also be carried out that could help to enable a part of the single processor. Another way is to signify how there can be concurrent processing and at the same time would be an edge for the parallel processing.

3. Client's power-based, rights-based, interest-based perspectives that could create a negative affect the conflict coaching process

The negative side of the conflict coaching process would be strictly be based on the rational approach and how it would be momentary concerning the voluntary and confidential process. It would also be a creation and attribution towards a rational insight for the ADR along with the given coaching principles (Meisenbach, 2017). At the same time, one has to provide a concrete and logical flow that would make an impact on the individualized method along with having to an ability to create a helping people and it would also be working for the engage in conflict.

Another way to provide a similar attribute is to also create a logical flow and also be making afinding that could match with the ADR and coaching. It is also important to find out how one can edge to create a provision of the premises of self-determination along with having a clause of confidentiality. It is also important to match with timely techniques and practitioners and having the desired skills that could create a similar and major difference.

4. Positive psychology and emotional management for the conflict coaching

The side of the positive and the emotional management is all about how one could differentiate in motivating the employees towards a good cause. To have the desired set up and also the similar attributes that could signify the roles such as the training and development and also edging with having the desired conflicts. It is also how one progresses and could honor a similar framework and it can match with setting and environment. This is also how one can estimate in providing a balance.

5. Alternative Dispute Resolution processes (ODS - other conflict dispute resolution processes) and Conflict Coach

ADR process is all about the dispute resolution that could help to define a similar power to create several processes. It is how one resolved the conflict. Another part of the conflict coach also has to the obligation that could work and also have a better insight towards the works one-on-one that could be inclined towards a coaching experience and also be allowed for the conflict with another person.

Another factor with the goal of conflict coaching that could help with the desire and ability and it can be determined that could be evaluate, discuss along with the plan one party's approach along with the and it would be willing to be important in the dispute.  Another factor that could create ‘coachee' and at the same time it would be based in terms needs are met, that could be that would be whether or not that could be changed and it would be attributed to the dispute that would goals (Eisenhauer, 2019). 

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