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HRM 0124 Workplace Health and Safety Assignment Help

Choose a job and describe why you choose it?

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I have chosen the Quality Control Inspector as my job role, who would be part of a community that can help to understand the workplace.

Safety Role

To have the desired set up in which one can understand the safety prospects and my role in the given workplace, as an inspector (Manitoba, n.d.) To have a better role and what should be an outcome or the expected out of us. One can understand how best it would be interpreted in terms of the close introspection, monitoring and how best it would have a controlling the workplace safety. The safety and close assessment, if any employee is suffering or could face any issue

Hazard Identification

For any company, one has to closely see the workplace hazards. It would be done through the process of the risk assessment, such as checking the financial costs, legal assessments, policies which the company has followed (Kelloway, 2017). All the statutory practices, auditing process has to closely focus on the line chosen. Surprise visits and the internal process of delivering the products and any effects on the workplace can be checked and monitored. Every stage needs to be closely assessed and reviewed.


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There has to be a close relationship that can work such as if there is any construction is going on the nearby place to the workplace, then the employees have to be checked based on the occupational health and safety. If the employees are experiencing any accidents, any issue related to the specks of dust or the noise, then the safety inspector has to timely create the reports and the same has to be reported. It needs to also be understood in the same manner, that while working an employee should not experience any health hazards or the related issues.

At every stage, there can be workplace accidents such as the introduction of the insurance policy, financial costs, any legislative costs can result in the detrimental costs. It would also be determined to create a report, audit assessment and also apply with the required policy.


One has to relate with the close inspection such as the financial costs to determine if there are any safety hazards, any health issues, any related impacts that can create a identifies issues (Mullen 2017). Another would be if there are any unsafety issues which is faced in the workplace, then the training, assurance and the related hours should be chosen, which not impact the employees. Such as constructing nearby can be done on weekends, when the offices are closed or if simply a renovation, can be done based on the valuable reasons (Wong, 2016). At every point of time, close assessment has to be down to evaluate the cons of any nearby health hazards (Manitoba, n.d.).


Can be done through the help of safety auditing report, sanctioning the cost which can conduct an audit every six months and it has to be unbiased, transparent and should be free from any personal conflicts.

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