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Intercultural Communication Assignment Help

• How do you maximize the expertise of both professors for the benefit of the students?

• If you analyze both cultures involved, what would be the three major points of contention and misunderstanding between the cultures?

• How would you recommend turn taking in conversations and debates in the class?

• The goal is to introduce one subject area at a time. What would be the first three subject areas you would recommend and why? Make sure you take into account interests and needs of both countries.

• What additional questions would you ask or what additional information would you need? Your Task: Present a report with an approach and rationale for development of the joint, synchronous classes.

Define significant factors and possible intercultural communication barriers involved in creating the classes. Propose an instructional approach to promote effective intercultural communication in the classroom. Cite at least two of the theories/tools from your resources to support your recommendations.

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Maximize Benefit

When thinking of the global environment, it is important to understand how diverse people help to better make the learning environment. At every phase, one has to work by the constructive plan and better relationships with the knowledge and development of the children. Often the children might feel out of the place such as the Russian and American students feeling conflicted to adjust with each other and at the same time, there can be conflicts to understand and relate with each other. It would be a hindrance to the growth and the development perspective and how equally it would be challenging to overcome it.

To create lesson plans, to should be pictorial and interactive, so that one can understand any differences and identified communication gaps. Often it would be a problematic set up that can make the Russian students feel adjusted, while the American students feel out of the place or similarly some cultural conflicts or differences can be foreseen.

It is important to note, how intercultural communication and conflicts, can create problems and at the same time, it would be an edge to overcome it (Gregersen, 2008). The global environment and a diverse course and education to cater to various backgrounds students are necessary as of today.“It is also used of the language no longer connects with the other people to others that are denied with the language and importance is derived” (Chapter 7 a, page 112).

Contents segregation

The content segregation should be in the universal language which is English along with the possibility of converting to the local language such as Russian. It could use podcasts services, tests and also make an interactive ability to discuss it. It is also important to match the expectations and at the same timedeliver the learning lessons which would be based on the objectivity of the lesson derived (Rigour, 2015).


It is recommended to make the lessons in the audio and the video form. It can take the form of debate. Goals of the first three subjects

The Maths subject would be numeracy adequacy part and it should be value-based.

The English need to be at the same linguistic level.

The Science subjective can be levels based such as general, advanced and interactive.

Rationale for development

The rationale for the development would be subjective to the goals and it should be held at an equal standard.

It is said that the “Language is learned without conscious awareness” (Chapter 7 a, page 114).

Intercultural is a conflicting situation, as the diverse students might not be able to understand the language, tone of the language and also the understanding of the fluency and the words. For this, it is important to relate and match the understanding of the student's wavelength. It can be contradictory and at the same time can provide effective guidance, but all have to be matched with the expectation of the delivered lessons. At every stage, the central alliances are focused on delivered lessons and how one can follow on a systematic results (Gregersen, 2016). The entire proposition would have to be dynamic and make it as per the learning lessons that could help the students to grow and relate to it. The idea is to make the learning lessons, easy and adhere as per the standards. At every point, it has to be related to the focused that can depend on the set standards.  Learning lessons can be easy and grasping and also can fit into the main levels. It would be absorbed into how to actively involved in terms of the discussion. 

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