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Culture of Poverty Assignment Help

Culture of Poverty

Discuss the concepts of "culture of poverty" and empowerment related to poverty.

• How do social beliefs or definitions of poverty impact the culture of poverty?

• What other factors beyond economic status shape the culture of poverty?

Response Guidelines

Respond to at least one learner. Compare the usefulness of the explanations between their theories and yours to understand poverty and extend the dialogue.


• Discussion Participation Scoring Guide.

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Answer 1:

The culture of poverty is the multi-dimensional concept which involves the lack of income and resources where the deprivation is considered to be the means of likelihood. There have been examination of the theories that are in place. The cultural belief system helps in supporting the subcultures for the poverty, and the political economic distortions with the geographical disparities or any of the cumulative processes. The people have been living in the conditions which is involving the livestock or the other agricultural activities that involves the failure of the challenges. The lack of the access for the market standards and the inadequacy of the skills with the financial problems are highlighted in the culture of poverty. The empowerment is considered to be important where the implementation is for the strategies to reduce the poverty. Hence, the theory does not explain about the instances but there are community development practices for understanding the overlapping procedures and then effectively compare the programs for addressing the single theory (Chapter 16). The understanding is about the cultural relativism for a productive research where the development is through the sociology of emergences and the framework involves the research with reflection on the development. The individual, cultural and the political or the economic standards are defined for the handling of different problems. The poverty has to be understood with the entrepreneurial talent research with poo decision making. The failed investments of a micro-loan has been down with the inability to properly plan and focus on the repercussions for the entrepreneur. There are progress and the analysis of the individual factors that helps in mapping to the approaches and the current reduction that focus on the personalized factors of conversion. 

Answer 2:

The culture of poverty is considered to be the social theory that focus mainly on the values of people and focusing on the major roles that help in working over the impoverished conditions. This offers the way where poverty has been anti-poverty programs. The structural factors interact with the condition of the individual factors where the production and the reproduction for the poverty and the social inequality needs to map with the social obligations. The culture of poverty has a stronger feeling of marginality of helplessness and for dependency. Here, the feeling is of the powerlessness and helplessness is about how the institutions do not serve the interest and the needs (Glassner, 2010). Hence, this involves that there have been poverty with the culture in tradition anthropological sense with designing the living and making the set of solutions for the humans. The understanding is about the poverty that has been tenacious with the culture posing the anthropological problems which are found to be similar when faced by imperialism. The culture of poverty is considered to be presented as the culture of the welfare dependency with the useful distraction from deprived materialistic approach. Here, the industrial era is forced with frugality and the want for the survival where the people lack nutrition and the resources. The culture is defined for the age of affluence when there are imperatives of capitalism. The degree and the labor of people is indispensable for the industrial standards. Hence, the poverty of modernity is unlike the predecessor which is not in opposition to the capitalism. Hence, it represents the social hope and understanding for market dependency. The poor are the victims with the capitalism realm of freedom (Rodenborg et al., 2013). 

Answer 3:

To understand the development of conditions with sustaining poverty and analyzing the sense of current situations, options and decisions. There is a need to focus on planning and understanding about how the poor people are living in the higher poverty neighborhood with different decisions for studying and the search of job. The improvement of the efficacy is for the social policies that ignores the culture that can lead to certain misguidance of the policies. Hence, the other factors includes education and the child support and the parenthood for the understanding of the policies. The considerations are about investigating the educational success with stressing on the importance and how the scholars need to properly integrate the values for proper research and work to understand the sources for better value and motivation. The autonomy and creativity is to work on the greater attention and variations that involves the cultural logics and the duty with destiny (Dirks et al., 2012). The culture and policy making is implemented through meeting and discussing the levels with public support system that focus on the requirements of work and self-sufficiency. The consideration is about the contemporary research to claim the culture with multiple generations of structural changes. The idea is about the information with policy reasons as to why the poverty researchers focus on the sociologists and the anthropologists of culture. The understanding is based on the social constraints with the policy disclosures that have been concept for the social exclusion to continue for the motivation. There are operational standards with the culture of poverty that includes the complicit factors in creating values that leads to the concepts of social exclusion and focus on the structural explanations (Grant et al., 2013). The recent use of the social exclusions are mainly for pathologizing the behaviour with needs that have a different connotation in different national settings. 

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