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Gender and Work-Life Balance Assignment Help

- Analyze the demographics of gender in the workplace with regard to position, pay, and expectations.

- Explain the advantages and disadvantages of flexible schedules and work responsibilities.

- Determine the potential human resources benefits of offering child and elder care in the organization.

- Explain work-life balances regarding achieving greater results for the organization.

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The paper will help in analyzing the demographics of gender in the workplace, along with the benefits and drawbacks of flexible schedules and work responsibilities. It will describe the potential benefits of human resources and will provide an appropriate explanation of work-life balance.

Analysis of demographics of gender in the workplace

It has been analyzed that 60% of times men are used to offer the same role in the same firm than women. Moreover, 61% times women are asked for lower remuneration than men, which brings gender discrimination in the workplace. Fig technologies required to underlying social norms as well as expectations to drive employee's decisions for preventing gender discrimination. It has also been found that 65% of women feel discriminated against men in the organization. During the current period, the gender pay gap is narrowed to 3% as men are offered higher salaries 60% of the time rather than 63% (Caliendo, Lee&Mahlstedt, 2017).

Advantages and disadvantages of flexible schedules and work responsibilities


Flexible schedules help the employees to fulfill their family needs, life responsibilities, and personal obligations (Moen et al., 2016). It also helps in minimizing the consumption of the fuel costs and commuting time of the employees. Whereas, work responsibilities helps the employees to acquire new skills and enhance motivation.


Flexible working schedules creates difficulty for the office-based staff to effectively work with telecommunicating staff. There does not possess clear delineation between home and work. On the other hand, work responsibilities lead to an increased workload as well as conflict with colleagues. Most of the time, the employees are given increased work responsibilities without any training that results in poor performance.

Human resources benefits of offering child and elder care

It is critical for the organization to offer child and elder care to the workers within the workplace. Fig technologies can earn benefit by giving both child and elder care to the workforces. As few workers require time to look after their children, so offering child care can enhance the morale of the staffs and decrease turnover as well as absenteeism. Fig technologies could get the high performance of the workers by offering child care services within the workplace (Maume, 2016). This could also help the company in retaining the top talented employees for the better future of the organization. Elder care benefits involve flexibility in the working options, which allow the employees to work from home (Neal & Hammer, 2017). Fig could give a child and elder care benefits to its employees for saving money or time in the hiring of new staffs.

Explanation of work-life balances

Work-life balance denotes to the concept that signifies a healthy working environment. Work-life balance is crucial for accomplishing better result for Fig technologies, but it is very challenging to achieve. The balance help in reducing the stress as well as increasing the experience of the employees. By prioritizing work-life balance, the organization could save money as well as maintain a healthy and productive workforce (Mas-Machuca,Berbegal-Mirabent&Alegre, 2016). It provides several advantages to the firm by improving customer service, solving the problems, increase productivity, and minimize employees' turnover. The organization could help the staffs in achieving good work-life balance to achieve a better result by bringing flexibility in overtime, set daily meetings, set boundaries, and trust the workforce. Fig Company requires to focus on two factors such as time management and absenteeism, as these aspects influences work-life balance.


The paper helped in analyzing the demographics of gender that affects the business from various aspects. It has been observed that flexible working schedules and work responsibilities prove to be beneficial as well as stressful for the employees. gives accountability of your time and Money – Avail TOP results originated Gender and Work-Life Balance assignment help services at best rates!

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