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Communication Skills Assignment

Reflect on and analyze individual communication strengths and weaknesses and effectively communicate this analysis through a paper


Communication skills is one of the essentials for building up a sustaining and progressive career or any relation be it personal or professional (Hafeezand Akbar, 2015). The identification of the strengths and weaknesses in the communication skills would be done which would be based on the experience of the management communication course. The goals and the plans for communication skills and its management would also be stated along with the description of the feedback that has been received from the observers. Reflecting on the experience of the course and the benefits that has been gained through it would be explored too. Self-acknowledgement and self-criticism has been the bi-products of the course and this would be the supporting tool for the entire writing.


Discuss your major communication strengths and weaknesses as identified on the personal communication evaluation form completed near the beginning of the course.

Part I: Communication Strengths and Weaknesses
At the beginning of the course a form was to be filled up which helped in self-assessment and it helped in identifying the skills that I carry in concern of communication. The form consisted of about eight communication skills with multiple scenarios and statements which revealed the reactions that I carry to the respective ones. Through the form, eight major communication skills has been identified and the ones which as per my understanding are my strengths included language use, body language, listening and conversations. These three aspects or skills of communication has been identified to be accurately present within me, though some improvements are required in specific areas. On the other hand, weaknesses that has been marked in the form includes perception of self, self-disclosure and communication in relations. These identification of the strengths and weaknesses has been based upon my self-acknowledgement and some past experiences. Though in each of the sections, there are some parts which I excel in while in some other parts I need to enhance my skills. The major parts in each of the eight sections which needs to be improved includes talking about myself in an accurate way, awareness about own stereotypes about others, being aware about the elements of constructive criticism and attempt to use those elements when required to give negative feedback, in conversations the ability to observe the maximum quantity to be talked or listen in order to allow for give and take and the last one is providing feedback to others in a significant manner. These aspects of communication needs to be enhanced on a priority basis including some other techniques too (Tanejaet al. 2015). On doing the course there has been a situation when the teacher was trying to explain some specific points but I have been continuously stopping him through asking questions and acknowledging the reason and logic behind his statements. This reveals the weakness of my communication skills. Ongoing through the class, it has been realized that I need to enhance the weaker sections of my communication skills along with it the quality which I have marked as a strength that is listening, it needs to be enhanced too. As I have observed that I am not a patient listener as I have a nature of cross questioning the speaker in between his speeches.

Discuss your communication goals and plans. Only discuss the goal and plan you set.

Part II: Communication Goals and Plans
The communication assessment form has resulted out to be quite productive as it helped in recognisingself-capabilitiesand the loopholes that exist in concern of communication skills. It also provided a platform to gain the experience of self-assessment and this is not an easy task to perform. Through acknowledging the communication evaluation form, it has been revealed that some weaknesses are quite strong and impactful which has been taken as the goal to be met in future. The foremost goal is to achieve high rank in the semester which would reveal that I have gained the skills within myself and second is to build up the problem solving skills through communication skills. This requires hard work and dedication which would be applied to the course. The goal has been set with an intention of gaining all the possible benefits from the course and enhance my communication skills to such an extent that it puts me in a good position in a company. Building up the Problem solving skills would automatically reveal that I am a good and effective communicator and enhance both the goals would be achieved simultaneously.

For meeting the goals I would be attentive in class and try to imply the lessons or techniques of communication in my day to day activities. This would help in getting a practical knowledge of the course and thus, it would enhance the skills. The plan is to make productive every hour spent in the course along with the hours beyond the course (Cloutieret al. 2015). The teachers would be consulted for clarification of any doubt and this would help in gaining accuracy in each lesson. The success would be monitored through the practical experience of the skills and receiving feedback from the opposite party. The goals has been specific in nature and this would add on to the accuracy of the results. The goal of achieving good grades which would not be less than 3.5 GPA, would also be achieved through following the plan and thus, through one effective plan two goals would be achieved simultaneously. The achievement of the goals would be beneficial in future career too as communication is one of the essential requirements in any field.


Discuss the constructive feedback you received from your observers.

Part III: Feedback from the Observers

The observation questions were quite specific and productive in nature which helped the observer in marking the observant with specific and accurate elements. My friend has been my observer and he helped in gaining some unidentified skills which I never knew was already present in me that too with high rate. The observing activity and the feedback reveals that I have been an active and an average communicator but needs to improve and enhance in many particular aspects of communication. Some contradictory and new facts has been revealed in the feedback which has actually left me confused and perplexed. My observer has stated that I appear to question the accuracy of his or her perceptions of others and seeks out more information to verify perceptions, as he marked me with (10 marks) on it, which I do not agree in any way. I have beencarrying a nature of stopping the person in between and ask questions to him which creates a barrier for the speaker to convey all the information in a justified manner and thus I do not agree with this observing rate. The question on the ability to disclose the personal information and details in an appropriate manner and in appropriaterelationships has been marked with 7 which I believe is again a contradictory one as I carry a nature of being an introvert and I do not disclose any of my personal details or information easily, which should have been marked with 10. Thus here the observer has not been accurate in his marking. Other questions has been marked in an effective way and it appears to match up with my personality and nature. The marking on the use of language and maintaining eye contact has been 10, and I feel these qualities were unknown to me. I never concentrated on the language which reveals that I have been carrying the power of language use by default, this has been unknown to me till date. My friend has been quite specific in his feedback and he provided me with some new and unknown facts too. Though some answers has been contradictory but as every person has his own perspective due to which the contradiction has occurred. It has been a helpful feedback for me as many new facts are revealed through it and a segregation of the skills and qualities that is required to be developed or reduced has been provided. Thisfeedback would be utilised for planning for the enhancement of communication skills which would be beneficial for future growth in personal and professional life.


Discuss what you have learned in this class that has assisted you in improving your communication skills.

Part IV: Learning from the Course
The communication management course has been specific in its actions and activities which has been framed up through understanding the weaker sections of the student'scommunication skills and this has been the best part of the course. Being a part of this course has been productive for me on a wide scale and it has actually provided me with some effective and enhancing results. The initial form filled for the communication skills evaluation provided me with self-acknowledgementsignificance and it also revealed tat self-criticism is the best way to enhance yourself, be it in any field or perspective. The course helped me in understanding my weaker sections and this helped me in gaining the information or the section on which I needed to concentrate more. The course has improvised my communication skills, and to be marked the most significant improvement has been on the interruptions on the speaker words. The intention or the habit of interrupting the opposite person while communicating has been reduced through the course as the importance of listening and acknowledging the words of the listener has been understood through it. Other skills has also been enhanced which has moulded me to be a patient listener, and a self-acknowledging person, The goal of achieving the problem solving skill has been achieved though not completely but the skills required for being an effective problem solver has been acknowledged. The link between an effective communicator and problem solver has been understood and the skills which needs to be added on to the communication skills for being a good problem solver has also been identified (Papasakellariouand Cho, 2018). This has created the future path to be followed for attaining the goal completely.

In the beginning of the course there were multiple loopholes or weaker sections in my communication skills and those has been filled up. The weakness of self-disclosure and communication in relations has been one of the weaknesses which has been developed accurately along with the other two. Though the section has been quite difficult to develop but with the guidance and the proper andaccurate information on its significance and technique to enhance it, it has been achieved.

The course has resulted out to be quite productive and enhancing which has helped me in developing some of my weaker skills of communication and identify the stronger ones. The overall experience has been productive and it is expected that in future the applications of the skills enhanced or gained through this course would help in achieving a productive career path. Communication is an important ingredient for achieving a significant position in personal as well as professional life and thus, the applications would not only be confined to professional development but to the personal ones too.


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