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Human-Computer Interaction Assignment Help

Speculate as to possible ethical issues arising from the various models of user interfaces. Create a 2 page document which summarizes the issue and then state your own analysis of the situation. You may analyze a specific product or a general interface design trend. Your document should cite at least one authoritative source which describes the specific ethical issue under consideration, but the document should be largely your own analysis.

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Human-computer interactions are defined as a user ability to use computer and have a simple interfacethat exists in between the people and computers. It is also how navigate user with an ease ofa humans interaction. It helps to understand how computer and design technologies can help to interact with computers in a smarter way (Lazar, 2018).

The HCI (human-computer interaction) focuses on who could potentially interact with computers and to create an extended computer. It is also anedge to create a successful interaction with human beings. Through an easy way of user interaction, it helps to ease out a user way of using a major corporations and academic institutions to derive a maximum HCI.

Amazon’s Alexa is one of the virtual assistants that integrates a voice commands into the input by the users to perform various activities. One can use either by instructing to playmusic or can be used for the quick assistance along with the related activities.  At the same time, one can use it in Amazon’s Echo and Echo Dot due to the use ofAlexa’s Voice user interface. It is also an interactive ways of the devices that showhow to potentially connect with users and devise intelligent responsesas per the users’ requests.  Alexa uses a natural voice user interface and how one can use it with anuser interactionwith an interface. It would be a potential way to use it as per the users to get a smarter response.

The ethical issues would be related to smart voice user interface. As the desired Voice user interface (VUI) is important it has to focus on recording and storing users’ which can breach personal information.It helps to develop private conversationsthat can result in breach as anyone can listen. A personal data can be recorded that would result in storing in the cloud storage servers that has been done through Amazon. The entire system can create a backup and plan as per theusers use of the device. It can lead broadcasting one own lifestyle and personal behaviorif connected to social media automatically sync in.

It is an ethical issue to identify how there can be applications. Other findings would be privacy questions and linked to devices that would be effective to record our personal life. To understand a privacy related to personal information, it is important to identify a sensitive information that could potentially be shared for the VUIs.It would be dependent on the servers managed by organizations. One has to question how safe is to consider the storage information and if is any data breach. It can also be due to the hack into company servers along with an inability to find out valuable information. The limitation is focused on the personal information having a low own systems resulting in a low storage of the servers managed by an organization.

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