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Global Warming - Research Essay Assignment

The fundamental motive of the paper is to research on factors related to global warming along with its cause, effects and preventive measures. Global warming results in changes in the climatic system. The significant aspects of climate change are measured by determining the effects of warming on the environment and human beings. However, the paper will help in identifying the major causes of global warming that creates a negative effect on the environment, oceans, human and agriculture. It will also provide a brief description of the preventive measures that must be taken in order to mitigate the negative effects of global warming.

Thesis statement
Determining the significant causes, effects of global warming on the environment along with the preventive measures to overcome global warming.

Global Warming
Global warming is regarded as a term that is widely used to demonstrate a dramatic increase in the regular global surface temperature of the earth annually. There possess several activities that take place that gradually increases the temperature. Global warming melts the ice glaciers at a rapid speed that is harmful not only to humans but also to the earth. However, controlling global warming is considered to be challenging. As per Amini, (2019), during global warming, the temperature increases from 1.5°C to 4°C. Such changes in temperature results into an alteration in the climate, frequency of severe weathers like increase in typhoons and hurricanes along with changes in rainfall distribution. In today's context, both oceans and land are warmer as compared to record-keeping that began in 1880. The average surface temperature increased by 1.71° Fahrenheit that is 0.95° Celsius from 1880 to 2016. Therefore, as the earth surface temperature becomes warmer, the level of the sea level becomes increases.

Causes of global warming
It is indicated that environmental factors like depletion of natural resources, greenhouse gas emission, ozone layer depletion and fossil fuels cause climate change. The environmental factors are followed by the socio-cultural drivers like industrialization, urbanization and human. Climate change also causes due to utilization of air conditioner, consuming excessive water, driving a car and using perfumes. Along with greenhouse gases, the increase of carbon dioxide within the atmosphere is determined to the major cause of global warming (Costello & Breyer, 2017). Few of the significant causes of global warming are discussed below:

Fossil fuels
The excessive utilization of fossil fuels is the leading cause of global warming as burning gas, oil and coal produce carbon dioxide, which is regarded as the major greenhouse gas in the nitrous oxide and atmosphere.

The misuse of forests plays a significant role in climate change. Trees highly help in regulating the climate by captivating carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. When the trees are cut down, the carbon deposited in the trees gets unconstrained into the atmosphere, which creates a negative impact on the atmosphere.

Intensive farming and agriculture
Intensive farming is regarded as another cause of global warming with plant protection fertilizers and products and ever-increasing livestock. According to Dosio, Mentaschi, Fischer &Wyser, (2018), fertilizers produce the emission of nitrous oxide while sheep and cattle produce a huge amount of methane at the time of digesting their food.

Waste Disposal
The waste management methods such as incineration and landfills produce toxic gases and greenhouse along with methane that is released into the waterways, soil and atmosphere, which in turn increases the effect of the greenhouse.

Overconsumption also plays a crucial role in climate change. It is highly accountable for the overexploitation of emissions and natural resources from global transportation of freight resulting in global warming.

Modern life highly relies on the metallurgical and mining industry. Minerals and metals are the raw materials utilized in the manufacturing, transportation and construction of goods. From removal to delivery, this market accounts for 5% of the emissions of all greenhouse gas.


Effects of global warming
The major effects of global warming are as follows:

It is acknowledged that the changing of atmospheric heatwaves over land due to global warming maximizes the risk of pervasive and severe irreversible effects on socio-ecosystem and natural systems. Hence, marine heatwaves also caused a tremendous effect on the marine ecosystem that created great risk for marine goods or services. For example, the hot blob within the Northeast Pacific maximized the mortality of sea birds, whales and sea lions. It also created an effect on the socio-economic and political ramifications by affecting fishery species and aquaculture. Most of the serious effects of global warming are associated with arise in the intensity and frequency of life-threatening events (Drake, 2014). It leads to longer and more intensive heat waves that affect human health and minimizes labor productivity as well as increases the rate of mortality.

Impact of typhoon
Typhoons created a negative effect on the half-billion people around the Asian Pacific region. Power Dissipation Index (PDI) decreased due to destructive typhoon potential. This indicates that the high negative influence from typhoon duration and incidence minimized the positive influence from the high intensity. However, hurricanes and typhoons lead to intense weather like high winds and thunderstorms (Dincer, Colpan, Ezan&Tokuç, 2018).

Climate change because of global warming creates a negative effect on crop yields. It is also seen that the labor force also affects dominance. Global warming creates a significant effect on agriculture in many ways such as changes in the nutritious quality of foods, change in ground-level ozone concentrations, changes in diseases and pests and changes in climate extremes and average rainfall and temperatures. Crop production is highly affected in most of the low attitude nations.

Oceans and fisheries
Increasing ocean acidification and ocean temperatures are radically changing aquatic ecosystems. Climate change affects the ocean by changing the productivity of freshwater and marine species and changing the fish distribution. This creates an effect on the sustainability of the aquaculture and fisheries; this affects the ability of the oceans to capture and store carbon. As stated by Frölicher&Laufkötter, (2018), the effect of an increase in sea level determines that the coastal fishing communities result in climate change. Meanwhile, water utilization and changing rainfall patterns creates an effect on inland aquaculture and fisheries. Thus, because of increasing ocean acidity, it becomes challenging for marine organisms like corals, oysters and shrimp to produce their shells.

Preventive measures for global warming
A rise in global temperatures is considered to be an increasing concern. In order to prevent global warming and overcome the existing damage, certain steps must be taken to minimize emission related to lifestyle and behaviors. Thus, a few of the preventive measures of global warming are given below:

Minimize energy utilization
The energy used at work and home results into an increased level of carbon dioxide. By minimizing the use of energy, it will be possible to minimize the utilization of personal carbon footprint. The lightbulbs must be changed with LED lights or fluorescent that uses up to 75% less energy. To minimize the dependence on fossil fuels, it is essential to purchasing green power produced from renewable sources such as wind or solar.

Stop deforestation
Deforestation is regarded as a significant cause of global warming. When a huge area of forest is burned or cut, carbon dioxide, which is regarded as a greenhouse gas is released within the atmosphere. Hence action must be taken to avoid facing further loss. Individuals must support politicians who promote reforestation projects, search for wood products that contain FSC-US Forest Management Standard certification and promotes foreign forest management (Lin & Chan, 2015). It will help in making sure that purchasing behaviors do not lead to deforestation.

Change transportation habits
Transportation, especially car travel constitutes 25% of energy use, where it also puts pollutants and chemicals into the air. To minimize such emissions, there is a need to change driving habits. The simplest way to reduce carbon emissions is to ride a bike, walk, take public transportation and drive less. It is said that working at home even one day per week can result in a reduction in carbon footprint (De Lima et al., 2019).


The main purpose of the paper is to determine the significance of global warming and also discuss the cause and effects of global warming along with preventive measures to avoid global warming.

The paper highly helped in identifying the major cause of global warming like fossil fuels, deforestation, overconsumption, mining, intensive farming and agriculture along with waste disposal. It also helped in determining the major effects of global warming that creates an impact on the environment, human and ocean. It provides relevant knowledge regarding the major factors of global warming. However, it is acknowledged that although the paper provided less amount of information regarding the preventive measures that need to be taken to mitigate the negative effects of global warming on the environment.

I would like the professor to address the major causes and effects of global warming within the paper, as I believe that the paper has provided appropriate knowledge regarding the factors that lead to global warming. It is because the causes and effects of global warming are related to the references provided in the annotated bibliography.

While writing another critical analysis in the future, I would consult encyclopedia or dictionary to gather relevant information regarding the concept I am unfamiliar with. I would write a summary of the work in another paper to help structure the content systematically. I will also analyze the means through which the author has accomplished his work. This will help organize the points and content accurately.

The paper demonstrated an understanding of global warming, which is considered to be a slow rise in the earth's average temperature. It is seen that the earth's energy always acts like a greenhouse to grab the sun's heat. It has been observed that environmental factors, along with human activities, are determined to be the major cause of global warming. Other causes of global warming discussed within the paper are fossil fuels, deforestation, overconsumption, mining, intensive farming and agriculture along with waste disposal. Moreover, along with carbon dioxide, the increase in greenhouse gases within the atmosphere is also regarded as the significant cause of global warming. It is also seen that tremendous effects of global warming create a negative impact on humans as well as on the production of fisheries. Furthermore, the paper also discussed the preventive measures that must be used to stop global warming such as change transportation habits, stop deforestation and minimizing the utilization of resources. All these measures will help overcome global warming and will create a positive impact on the environment.


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