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Eye Witness Testimony in Autism Spectrum Disorder Assignment Help

"Search for two peer-reviewed journal articles on eyewitness testimony using the search term "memory and eyewitness testimony."

1. Briefly summarize the findings from each article.

2. Based upon the information read, discuss if eyewitness testimony is reliable or unreliable.

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Article 1

Briefly summarize the findings from each article.

Artifacts represent the history of any past situation. They reflect the changes that have taken place in perception and tastes. They show multiple timelines, moments, battle history, complex event, and others. Dioramas were considered to be the theoretical experiences involved the usage of light on the landscape paintings. It is regarded as a tree dimensional model that is shown in the background of the painting. The museums have earlier utilized many contents such as wildlife, battle scenes, domestic life, and sceneries. There are some dioramas that show the attack of the American soldiers.

From the images, many references can be drawn that serves to be useful while studying the subject matter. Even the artist has a robust view pint while they are painting images. Their painting reflects the environmental condition. It produces a powerful encounter with the person who is seeing the painting. The image comes to reality with the background painting (Kerbyet al, 2017). 

Based on the information read, discuss if eyewitness testimony is reliable or unreliable

Today the museums have many displays such as weapons, but it is always not about bloodshed, battles,and power. From the paintings,artifacts the weapons, much innovative information can alsobe gathered,andthis might be related to technology and great works of artisans and craftsmanship. The culture of that particular era comes to life with serioushandwork. Military museumsare considered as old galleries,but this is where a nation holds the truth of how it has saved his country from the enemies. Painting such as Battle of Waterloo of 1815 diorams was painted by Captain William Siborne is in the meuseaum of United Kingdom. Each depiction has to say something or the other about the character, location,and situation. Oil paintings wer also contructed later with the development of pigment and colors. The dioramas help to understand difficult events and also helps to reshae them in an organised way so that better insigts can bebgatered. The paintings or the artworks have theirown legal right by the museum. They are heritage items and must be treasured. There are items of national heritage which tellstories about bravery and pride.

Article 2

Briefly summarize the findings from each article.

1% of the population is affected by Autism Spectrum disorder (ASD), there are multiple instances, when such individuals are key witnesses in crimes (Maras & Bowler, 2014). However, in the article, this has been discussed that whether these people are the right sources of information when their testimony becomes key in any issues associated with providing the support as a key witness in any case. These patients usually have some specific memory issues that do not make them the most suitable for becoming eye witness at any event because though they usually are unable to recall many contextual facts associated with the events, such as time zone, location specificity. Furthermore, though they can usually remember the incident, there are problems associated with their understanding of the chronology of the events. People affected by ASD, usually tend to exhibit good semantic memory; however, they tend to suffer from poor episodic memory. They tend to respond better to cues and prompt that aid in their ability to remember. However, researches indicate that people with autism can also remember as much as people without autism when a more open-minded approach is taken towards them and they are asked to divulge everything, rather than be limited to specific events. All divulged information can later be pieced together, to make the testimony more effective 

Based on the information read, discuss if eyewitness testimony is reliable or unreliable.

There are many problems associated with relying on the semantic memory of an individual who fails to understand the chronology of events (Maras & Bowler, 2014). However, this aspect cannot be undermined that these individuals cannot be corrupted and their testimony is usually based on their experience alone. If specialists are used in the process of witness interpretation and they are given tools like visual cues, it has been seen that these individuals have been able to provide specific information associated with events that they had witnessed. It has also been found that they may fall prey to suggestible questioning like others who do not have autism. This is the reason that people with autism as witnesses are not exactly bankable; however, their testimony can be conclusive, if supported with other facts and more reliable sources of information (Kerby et al, 2017). In case of people with ASD, there is a lack of standardized practices in trying to get them to be able to become better witlessness. This is primarily because of the fact thateach individual is different and his or her ailments are separate in every single way. Another issue associated with this area is that the impaired sense of danger that is present in a patient of ASD, may lead him to misinterpret the situation and be overwhelmed by police pressure and there is the disadvantage that they may react in fear to the interrogation process. Only through specialist oriented investigation and use of semantic memory and visual cues it can be said that a more authentic testimony can be derived from such eyewitnesses. 

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