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Assignment - Cheyenne VA Nursing Dimensions

Response to the Nine Dimensions has a direct impact on the establishment of your pay.

What is the issue/problem?

What was done (intervention) ­ ACTION?

For whom? ­ POPULATION.

What difference did it make ­ OUTCOME (MEASUREABLE).

When; did it last? ­SUSTAINABILITY




The study will be carried out based upon the salary determination process of the Registered Nurses, carried out by a panel of peers, Nurse Professional Standards Board, or NPSP in context with the Four Dimensions of Nursing Practice. Therefore, the study will be emphasizing upon identification of the main issue, which is being faced by the Registered Nurses while abiding by all the legal norms and regulations, maintaining the standards in order to facilitate treatment to the individuals or the patients of the population and cure them within less interval of time.

Issue/ problem

The identification of the main issues in the first case helps in maintaining the stability of the study in an appropriate manner. Provided it should be noted that the role played by the nurses while care giving or facilitating treatment to the patients suffering are required to be taken care in order to improve their health status (Duarte, Pinto-Gouveia & Cruz, 2016). Thereby, the main issue, which is being identified from the scenario provided shows, is the process of Salary Determination. The process of salary determination is required to be carried out efficiently as it helps in determining the set of skills, which are present within the candidates appearing or is being selected for the practice of registered nurses. It is also evident that the nurses are required to meet the four dimensions along with the nine criteria's of Nurse Professional Standards Board. Identification of this issue is found to be further that in many of the healthcare organizations list is not followed properly due to which it tends to decrease the efficiency of the tasks, which are being carried out by the nurses and often they do not receive their progress report.


Action which will be taken

Considering the issue, the action taken was based on the four dimensions of nursing. Interviews of some nurses were taken for analysis of the issue. Based on their interviews, there was a change in strategy of recruitment and management of nurses in the organization. The new strategy prioritizes the four dimensions and the educational qualifications in recruitment. The process of salary determination of the nurses is to be carried out in accordance with the practices involved in nursing, leadership and management practices, collaboration and inquiries associated with science. The issue identified needs to be resolved not only through determination of salaries for the nurses but changes in strategies need to be made in the process of recruitment as well. It is of utmost importance that the nurses are taken into service by making them pass through proper processes of recruitment and training ( Leary, Tomai, Swift, Woodward & Hurst, 2017). The action that is to be taken for the three groups of nurses is as follows:

Nurse I

For the first category of nurse, it is necessary to consider whether the individuals hold an associate degree or diploma. Based on this qualification, the individuals are to be involved in the workplace. This group is required to give importance to clinical practices that will help the nurses to expand and develop their skills in leadership.

Nurse II

For the second category of nurses, the qualifications that need to be checked are Bachelor's Degree in nursing. This group is also expected to develop skills and abilities in the grounds of leadership, thereby helping the organization to accelerate its business processes.

Nurse III

These groups of nurses are required to hold a Master's Degree in nursing and the individuals are expected to participate in all the activities of the organization. Sustainable practices in leadership are expected to be followed by them.

Performance appraisal:

The new nurses are to be recruited considering the mentioned criteria and their salaries are to be determined based on their qualifications and work experience. For the existing nurses, the organization will adopt a strategy of evaluating the performance of each of the nurses. Appraisal of their performances will not only help to determine their salaries and incentives but will also assist them to work on the areas of their weaknesses for improvement. The extent to which they follow the principles of leadership can also be seen through performance appraisal of the nurses. The process will be followed on a monthly basis and proper opportunities will also be given to the nurses to express any issue faced by them (Broome, Bowersox & Relf, 2018).

The entire strategies and processes were described to the nurses by the management team and the department of HR.


Identification of the population for whom the action is to be taken

The action was taken for proper recruitment of nurses and determination of their pay-scale will help the nurses to grow and develop their leadership skills, thereby accelerating the growth of their career. However, the action was primarily aimed at the welfare of the patients coming to the organization for diagnosis. It was taken so that the nurses are able to provide desired services to the patients and also assist the doctors in their services efficiently. This will not only satisfy the patients but also help the organization in promoting its business (Broome, Bowersox & Relf, 2018).

Outcome (Measurable)

Overview of the scenario helps in providing clear understanding about the importance for maintaining the standards of nursing. The issue was found that during the recruitment process few misunderstandings occurred due to not meeting with the all the dimensions of nursing as it directly affect upon the process of salary determination. It is evident the hospital leaders aims in setting the safety of the individuals they are taking care within their strategic goals. Hence, improving the quality and maintaining the safety of the patient is required to be carried out wisely for improving the internal processes in order to increase the efficiency of facilitating treatment and improving the health status of the particular regions or countries. For example in context with the case scenario provided shows that the individual who was working as a manager in the Wyoming Medical Center, wanted to receive his subpoena after being retired during the last year. Hence, from this it is evident that not having knowledge about the four dimensions and the nine criteria tend to hugely cause issues. Along with these the individual also found to have not received any leadership positions or any awards for serving the healthcare organization in long term basis (Coventry, Maslin-Prothero & Smith, 2015). Therefore, the four dimensions and the nine criteria are as follows:

1. Nursing practice: The dimension of nursing practice is required to be taken care effectively as it helps to abide by the norms and regulations of the healthcare organization. This will also be beneficial for providing leadership to the individuals as well as motivate them to work efficiently. The introduction of the incentives or rewards can be incorporated which would be helpful.

a. Practice: This is one of the most important aspects as it helps in determining the validity of the RN processes consisting within the nursing process. This helps in identification of the potential components be proper identification and planning accordingly for improving the status in much effective manner.

b. Resource utilization: One of the major importance which are required to be followed by the registered nurses is to maintain the quality of the processes (Tuna & Baykal, 2017). This also includes they should be open-minded and utilize their resources efficiently which would lead them to improve the treatments provided.

c. Ethics: The dimension related with the ethics is required to be emphasized as it helps to denote that the individuals who are availing treatment facility should be satisfied with the treatment given to them.


2. Professional role-leadership: As per this aspect, it helps in maintaining the ethics and is responsible for providing effective guidance to all the members or the individual as who are currently working. The standards of Care and Standards of Professional Performance is clearly been written within the hospice and palliative licensed for vocational nurse and for the practical nurses (Wang,Liu & Wang, 2015). Thus, leadership is required to be maintained within the organization for prosperous growth and development of the healthcare organizations.

a. Performance: This aspect thus can be said is effective for strictly monitoring the working of the individuals and increase their efficiency by identifying the areas they are lagging behind and taking actions for improving the same.

b. Education/career development: Education is another vital aspect, which is required to be maintained carefully as acquiring new skills and knowledge will help the registered nurses to effective take decisions, which would enhance the healthcare environment (Berry & Smith, 2018).

3. Collaboration: As per this dimension, it helps in maintaining the quality of collaboration and collegiality, which are required to be present within the nurses in order to meet the requirements and achieve success.

a. Collegiality: It is evident that as per the factor of collegiality it helps in determining the hospice and palliative registered tend to be effectively contributes towards improving the efficiency of the process of professional development along with the iron the others in context with abiding by all the legal norms and procedures.

b. Collaboration: Over viewing this dimension tend to refer to the hospice and palliative registered collaboration of nurses with the patients, their families and helps them to understand the issues by maintaining all the interdisciplinary factors and maintain the conduct of practice within the norms and regulations of the registered nurses.

4. Scientific Inquiry

a. Quality of care: Considering this dimension, it is seen that recruitment of nurses based on their qualifications help the patients to get proper services and care. The registered nurses are found to show more care to the patients than the unregistered ones. It is necessary for the organization to keep this dimension in check so that the patients do not suffer from improper care or management by the nurses (Malakyan, 2015).

b. Research: Proper research is required to be carried out in order to identify the efficient nurses and the inefficient ones. As mentioned earlier, it is very important to recruit nurses through proper strategies by research methods (Malakyan, 2015).



The action has provided opportunity to the nurses for adopting practices of sustainable living. They were made aware of the essence and value of leadership in an organization. The action of demonstrating the requirements of bringing about certain changes in policies of the organization took one day. The nurses were made aware of the problems faced by the organization and its people due to their inefficient performance and improper strategies of recruitment in the organization. The importances of the principles of leadership were discussed with them. They were also made aware of the sustainable practices in leadership. This action was completed in one day and then discussions were made by a team of managers and HR to implement the new strategy. The strategy was implemented within a month of the discussion. New nurses are recruited in the organization in accordance with the new strategy developed. The existing nurses are made to undergo proper processes of training and their performance are reviewed on a monthly basis as well (Zhang & Li, 2015). Since the new strategy is considered to be a successful one, it is continued to be followed for three months. If the strategy continues to promote the services of the organization and satisfies the patients, it will continue to be followed. The nurses of the organization are seen to be well aware of the principles of sustainable leadership, thereby meeting the needs of the patients and helping the organization to grow its business.


It can be concluded from the study that leadership is an essential aspect for an individual as well as the organization. Without following the principles of leadership, it is not possible for an individual to develop his or her career. Considering the study, it can be said that the issue determined is effectively solved through proper strategies of recruitment of nurses and management of their performances (Zhang & Li, 2015). The awareness of the sustainable practices of leadership by the nurses can help the organization to grow its business to a great extent. This is because through the appraisal of performances, the nurses will be shown their strengths as well as their weaknesses. This will assist them to work on their deficiencies to bring about an improvement in their performances.


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