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BUS 235 Introduction to Marketing

When we talk about marketing, the very first scenario comes to our minds are promotions, sales or any kind of advertisements. Still, it is the process of distribution and determination of prices through demand and supply. The simplest way to understand marketing is to identify and meet the needs of consumers.

In these criteria, we have met needs and unmet needs. A good company or organization always tries to meet the requirements which already exhibit and are under considerations. Still, an excellent organization try to match the met as well as the unmet needs of the consumers, for instance, Google, Facebook, Apple and Wikipedia. Marketing is based upon CCD and VTP that is creating, communicating, delivering. At the same time, VTP is for value to the target market for profit, as profit is the main thing on which any business is based upon.

This BUS 235 Introduction to Marketing course is an introduction to marketing principles, marketing concepts and marketing theories that define all the marketing discipline. Basic marketing strategies relating to product, promotion, price & distribution, societal behavior, technology, cultural trends, and legal environments important points which influence effective marketing decisions are examined.

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