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Factors Affecting Workplace Communication Assignment Help

Your boss, the Director of Communications at Company XYZ, has been invited to speak at a focal conference on the topic ‘Factors impacting on communication in today’s workplace. She has asked you to prepare an executive summary highlighting three key Impacts on communication.

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Factors affecting workplace communication


As requested, I have conducted a secondary research for determining the factors that impact communication in the workplace. Communication in any organisation is an extremely essential tool, as it has the capacity to affect the enterprise functions and dictate the internal as well as the external operations. This argument has been developed in terms of three primary factors that drive the manner of communication, which are - the attitude, information overload, and the physiological barriers.


As discussed by Chandrasekar (2011), workplace culture is an extremely important aspect that influences the manner of communication that is practised. This culture is indicated by the attitude that the workers have among themselves, and also by the manner in which the supervisors deal with their subordinates.Attitude has the capacity to affect the communication processes in both positive and negative ways. A pleasant attitude or manner of conduct improves the communication in both upward and downward directions, which ultimately helps to boost the morale, productivity and the overall functioning of the employees (Shrivastava2012).I would thus recommend that all the workers, including the supervisors, must maintain a positive outlook, as it will facilitate a better line of communication for everyone.

Information overload

This factor is a lot more applicable in the present day situations, where functioning with the help of technology and the internet have become extremely common in the workplace. Such technology and the related gadgets might be helping us, but they can also become a hindrance as they might result in information overload, along with a constant cause for interruption (Shrivastava 2012). Communication in the workplace is dependent largely on processes such as emails and receiving way too many of them might be a nuisance (Soucek& Moser 2010).Reading all the mails is not a solution, as it can make us less productive and can slow us down. Based on this, I would recommend that the workers should categorise their mails and flag the unnecessary ones to lessen the load of junk mail. Moreover, all the workers must follow a very precise and simple manner of labelling the mails with expressive subject lines, so that the recipients can immediately get an idea of its contents and priority.

Physiological barriers

Physiological barriers are an important factor to consider, as they result in creating a hindrance when it comes to effective communication in the workplace (Shrivastava 2012). For instance, an individual with hearing impairment is unable to receive audio instructions, and thus the supervisors would need to specifically convey the messages to him or her in writing.Or, if an individual has the habit of poor retention, it can cause further problems and contribute to the breakdown of communication (Chandrasekar 2011). I would therefore recommend that the workplace must have arrangements to tackle such issues and ensure that even the differently abled people get a chance to work harmoniously. For instance, they can always make sure that they are given written updates and reminders from time to time, so that the management can guarantee their inclusivity and participation wherever needed.

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