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Corporate And Social Responsibility:

CSR can be understand easily by considering, any organization which is working within a society doing well with the help of men power which is being provided by the community, In turn, organization has to deliver products or services for the same society for wellbeing of their organization as well as society which is being incorporated in their tasks. Let's say, any organization has an annual profit of approximately 6.6 billion then annually it has to deliver 10% of their earnings for the wellbeing of society that can be in the form of street lights or construction of roads as well.

CSR develops where more industrialization occurs and will be more accomplished where GDPs are on optimistic rate because CSR is the ultimate marketing tool.

BUS 250 Corporate & Social Responsibility:- This course occupied the total 3 Credits. This BUS 250 Corporate & Social Responsibility course explains philosophic perspectives for understanding the meaning of corporate responsibility in society, & considers the leadership roles of managers in implementing corporate and social responsibilities. BUS 250 Corporate & Social Responsibility course topics include uses of power, government regulations, employee rights, environmental issues,  & responsibilities, and ethical integrity and consumer protection.

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