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Human Resources Management Assignment Help

Your introduction should briefly describe your chosen company or industry and the purpose and content of the report.

Analysis of the potential impact of changing demography on the HR planning and Job design of cornpany or industry. Using relevant HR related theories and concepts from the textbook and from any relevant HR journal articles or HR industry reports, you are required to examine the effects of changing demography on HR practice.. 

Recommendations to address the Identified impacts:

Being an HR practitioner, propose a set of justified recommendation( peak industry body or top management utilizing some aspects of you and findings from relevant research and reports.

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The IT organizations need to turn competitive considering the aspects of globalization. They need to identify new ways through which they can sustain amid the level of competition determined. They need to manage with the changing work approaches and accordingly train the staff in a given direction (Welch&Björkman, 2015).

Besides, today's IT companies will even plan for the enlargement in various parts of the world. Hence, they will need to analyse on their strengths, overcome the weaknesses, and accordingly achieve the desired outcomes. However, the role of the Human Resource (HR) department will be crucial at this juncture as they need to provide necessary training to the staff, integrate the major functions of the organization, recruit the best talent, and thereby ensure that all the teams are working on the given objectives (Welch&Björkman, 2015).

On the other hand, the role of the top-level management of these IT companies will need to work closely with these teams, ensure them providing of required resources, and thereby allow them to approach the given tasks in a flexible way. However, it is observed that with the recent changes in the demographics, the expectations of the employees have increased.

They are expecting better workplace, better work environment, better support from the middle-level management, and also better pays and salaries (Welch&Björkman, 2015). Thus, the HR team will require to administer on the motivation factors of the staff and thereby provide them as and when required. In essence, the personnel management team will need to handle these issues so that the employees remain motivated and perform on the allocated tasks.

Besides their regular functions, they will need to perform other roles as well, which will make sure that the organization is able to overcome the impacts of demographic changes and subsequently will be able to achieve their respective objectives.

Role of HR Department in IT Companies/Industry

It is important to first focus on the core HR functions in the IT Industry so that it will provide an overview regarding how the HR team is functioning in the organization. The first important function of the HR management team is to adhere to the organizational objectives and thereby prepare their strategic plan (Guerci&Shani, 2014).

They need to consider the future needs of the organization and thereby define their short- and long-term objectives. Second, based on the given objectives, the HR team needs to carry out workforce planning (Guerci&Shani, 2014). They will thereby get involved in the processes such as - recruitment, selection, exit process, and orientation.

The department managers will require to collaborate with the HR team so that it will allow them to determine the total needs of a given department. They will thereby fulfil those vacancies and ensure that the best candidates are chosen for the given job role. Further, the HR team needs to focus on training and developmental aspects.

It will allow them to determine the present training needs, determine the gaps in the current functional processes, and finally make sure that the employees are able to perform on the given tasks of the organization (Guerci&Shani, 2014). At the same time, they even need to encourage employees so that they will remain motivated while performing in the respective organization.

The HR team then needs to define the compensation and benefits plan for the employees. They need to administer on the entire role of the staff and later provide competitive salary package, health insurance, flexible spending amount, and other benefits (Lang&Rego, 2015). It will thereby allow the employee to remain connected with the organization and continue upon his task.

The HR team will even need to look out for policy formulation that will define the major rules and procedures in the organization. It will also comprise of employee handbook that will guide the employees on how to follow the rules while working at their workplace. It will also define the Code of Ethics and thereby train the employees to follow them (Lang&Rego, 2015).

Finally, the HR team will require to handle labour relations and also deploy risk management plan. It will allow them to remain safe against the major risk factors and thereby overcome issues such as - discrimination, sexual harassment, non-compliance with the laws, and treating unfairly employees of the organization (Lang&Rego, 2015).

Industrial Scenario

Today, with changing global scenario, it is observed that there are changes taking place in the IT Industry from different perspectives. The age factor, net migration rate, mobility of workforce from one nation to another, retirement age, and even flexibility of work options at the workplace are changing a lot in the present environment. In some countries, the labour force is getting older whereas in some nations, the HR team will require to address to the multi-ethnic needs (Scholz, 2014).

The aging labour force in nations such as China and Japan will also pose potential challenges for their respective IT companies. There are even demographic changes taking place in the UK and US and due to which there will be multiple shifts taking place in the organisation. Thus, the challenges of HR Team will increase as they need to balance on the employee needs of the organization and the expectations of the newly hired staff in the organization (Scholz, 2014).

It is also observed that the new Generation-Y is moving in the opposite direction compared to what the HR team expects from them from a professional perspective (Scholz, 2014). They are looking out for rapid career progression, are excited to their job role, are open to innovative working approach, and are also seeking freedom from their leaders.

Another trend that is identified is regarding the challenges that have increased from the cultural diversity perspective. Also, the surge in the female employment will force the HR team to hire female staff for not only ground-level and middle-level positions but also for the top-level management position in the organization (Scholz, 2014). Thus, it will be more important for any given HR team to determine the impact of these demographic changes on the current work policies, recruitment policies, and overall working framework of the organization.

The leaders of the organization will need to deploy transformational leadership style to equip these new staff members and thereby provide them with required freedom at the workplace.

Only then they will be able to perform better and deliver as per the expectations of the senior management. The top-level management however will need to check upon their work progress and simultaneously determine the loopholes (Bratton& Gold, 2015). They can accordingly provide suggestions for improving their performance in a given organization.

Analysis of Changing Demographics and its impact on the role of HR in the Organization

Considering the changes that are taking place in the external environment of the IT Companies, there will be changes taking place in the organization as well. The HR transformation will take place since they will not only need to focus on their current roles but also need to address to the strategic needs of the organization.

They need to align their HR functions with the organizational functions and then determine the needs of the organization from a holistic perspective. They need to define policies that will establish proper work-life balance for all the staff. In addition, they even need to provide benefits and other facilities to the employees so that they remain motivated. In the cases, where the employees are not motivated, they need to provide them with appropriate counselling services and then make sure that they will be able to perform better in a given work environment (Bratton& Gold, 2015).

Also, today, with increased challenges of globalization, the HR team will need to implement the techniques of change management. The top-level management of the organization will either modify their business framework or might deploy IT tools in the organization (Bratton& Gold, 2015). Thus, it will be crucial for the HR team to inform this change to all the staff members of the organization.
It might happen that some of them will resist to accept these new changes in the organization. Under such circumstances, the HR team will need to motivate the staff through deploying the techniques of change management (Bratton& Gold, 2015). They need to inform them about the major benefits that they will receive, the time that will be saved, and also the efforts that will be saved with the work approach in the organization.

Only then the employees will accept on the new change and start working on the new platforms. The HR team at the same time need to respect to the socio-cultural values of the employees and establish traditions in the organization (Kaiser et al., 2015). It will thereby allow the employees to identify that the HR team is working on their morale and other values.

Besides, the HR team needs to respect to the demographic changes and with proper strategic implementation need to address the key challenges. It will thereby allow them to transform the entire organization based on the needs in a given operational environment.

Recommendations to overcome the Impacts

As mentioned, the role of HR department of IT Companies is of strategic importance to the organization. They are an important part of the organization as they focus more on improving company's bottom-line amid the given market challenges. Second, they also need to make sure that the new employees that they hire will be able to perform to the stated needs of the organization (Kaiser et al., 2015).

They might even require taking certain corporate decisions for the betterment of the organization. It will also allow them to project the future workforce needs based on the business demand and changing global and demographic scenarios. The HR team will even require to define the structure of the organization and later suggest on the leadership model (McDonnell, Lavelle, &Gunnigle, 2014). It will allow them to align all the objectives and tasks in the same direction.

Now, considering the changes in the external environment of the IT Industry and the evolution of different technologies and platforms that are taking place, they first need to identify the major demographic shifts that are taking place in the working population. Second, they need to estimate on their demands and accordingly prepare the strategic HR approach in a given organization.

Third, they even need to take reviews and feedbacks from the existing staff. It will allow them to determine the major loopholes in the current organizational processes (McDonnell, Lavelle, &Gunnigle, 2014); they will even be able to judge on the outcomes of the employees. The HR team will even need to formulate new policies that will allow them to address to the socio-cultural needs of the organization (McDonnell, Lavelle, &Gunnigle, 2014). It will thereby allow them to incorporate the new staff within the organization in a better way and make them perform on the new tasks.

Today, it is more important for the HR management team of the IT Industry to work on the aspects of demographic changes, diversity issues, and change orientation. It will allow them to manage their liabilities in a better way. Besides, they might even require to provide necessary training to the staff on the new frameworks and working approaches (Gerpott, 2015). It will thereby allow them to increase overall satisfaction levels of all the employees of the organization.


This report focuses on the rising challenges for the HR management of IT Companies in a given IT Industrial scenario. With the advent of new workforce, their ideals, principles, and work approaches also seem to be different compared to the workforce working since long time in the organization.

The HR team will thereby require to first determine the expectations of this new generation, allow them to settle at the workplace, provide them with freedom so that they can perform better, and finally, implement the transformational leadership style. It will thus make sure that the HR team will be able to overcome the challenges and the negative impacts associated with the demographic changes of the new workforce in the organization (Gerpott, 2015).

This report also identified that the factors that are responsible for the demographic changes of the working population in the respective IT Companies. It will thereby become mandatory for the HR team to define work policies that will not only adhere to the objectives of the top-level management but will also adhere to the needs and expectations of the workforce (Gerpott, 2015).

The newly recruited employees should also be allowed to share their experience and other expectations. The HR management team will thereby be able to identify gaps, if any. They can thereby make changes in their existing strategies, modify the HR processes, and improve the future outcomes. accepts instant and short deadlines order for Human Resources Management  assignment – order today for excellence!

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