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How to prepare for the CISI Diploma exam? - A Study Guide 

CISI: It stands for Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments. One of the largest professional organizations for people who are working in security and investment industry. It has its wide range in 110 countries with a team of 40,000 members. One has to attain qualifications at three levels. It is three hours long with multiple choice questions.

Investment: With an emphasis on investments specifically, The Introduction to Investment provides a thorough introduction to the financial services industry. It serves as the starting point for several higher- level CISI certifications. The qualification provides in-depth coverage of important financial concepts and instruments, such as markets and assets, stocks, bonds, derivatives, and investment funds. It focuses at how economic growth is determined and handled in various systems of economics and politics and examines the larger economic context in which the financial services industry functions. The certification provides a basic introduction to financial services legislation and guarantees that applicants have a grasp of operating ethically and with integrity. It is appropriate for employees starting their careers in financial services as well as new professionals entering the professional field. The qualification is appropriate for all employees, not only those in a position to make investment choices, and includes issues like administration, finance and accounting, IT, customer services, sales and marketing, HR, and training.

Preparation for the exam: Various study steps to achieve your goals 

You need knowledge and study materials most of all to get started on your test preparation. The best option is to stick with a qualified CISI Accredited Training Partner (ATP) with devoted mentors. Regular CISI Classes will be offered online through a better instructional platform, which will also produce quality study materials for aspirants. Obtain information from an institute about the CISI Exam Fee, the exam date, registration, etc. You will be able to organize quality study materials, online classes to comprehend theories, clarify your concerns, and use your newly acquired knowledge to answer the questions by asking for expert assistance from the mentors. After finishing the course material, you can review the institute's selection of mock exams. By working through these practice question papers, you may assess your knowledge and abilities and get familiar with the exam-setting authority's chosen question formats.

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Choose right platform: Selecting the appropriate institute is crucial if you want to take CISI courses. It will assist you in effectively preparing for the examinations. Investigate an institute's background before enrolling because an authorized and reputed institute will work hand on hand with students to achieve good grades and goals. Make a short list of the institutions and then check the available facilities given by each of these. Make sure this project does not interfere with your primary education or career. You need flexible online courses and top-notch study guides if you want to score the test.

Use CISI books to prepare for the exam: You must know every instance of the workbook designed by CISI guides itself. During the setting of the exam this book is only used to set the questions and has a very similar wording to that. If the aspirants prepare the workbook at their best it will become easy for them to crack the scores itself.

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Structured study plan: It is essential that you follow a planned learning plan and that you get started on it as soon as you can. Students can make this on their own, but adding formal, high-quality classroom learning typically makes the process more productive. This will not only hasten the process of comprehending the course, and aids in making test strategy. By this, we mean taking notes, making diagrams, charts, and tables as learning tools, and refining learning by revising the syllabus.

Make your own notes: Devote proper time to your studies. Studying regularly and practicing it will make you perfect. Just don't focus on reading the chapters rather than make your own notes from it. Apart from it you can also use sticky notes to allocate some important points on it and paste it at your books. This will suddenly remind you off all the things during your revision time. Do not speed up your process to move further. Relax and take a bit of time in grasping the content first before moving to the next. You can only make yourself potentiated after studying and practicing regularly and effectively.

Group study: In case you are a better learner by doing group study then just move for it. But to make the process efficient just share your knowledge and understandings. This will help you in a lot of ways. First and foremost you will be able to comprehend tasks which you have grabbed at your own. Secondly it will increase your knowledge too as the opponent will also give his/her viewpoints on the same and surely you will discover something effective from that.

Early stage: Firstly understand the concepts thoroughly and properly. After that you need to practice yourself according to the exam pattern. As this exam is totally based on multiple choice questions stick to them. Practice your understandings on the daily basis by solving MCQs related to those chapters or topics.

Exam technique: This should be made prior to your final examination and should also be practiced to check any errors in this. The three hours allotted for the paper will seem excessive, especially when considering how long we can write on because as   for now   we are a   lot accustomed to   work on computers. Despite their thorough preparation, many students still run out of time during the exam. You need to become familiar to the three portions of this test, which have questions of various lengths. It's true what they say-"Practice makes a man perfect". Not everything will be perfect in the first time around. Along with studying the material, you will also need to develop a solid exam methodology. You will eventually understand what is required and, more significantly, how long the exam will take you to complete it.

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