How do I apply for a study permit for Canada? Know the Process to Apply and necessary documents required?

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Know Why You Need a Permit To Study In Canada

As we know that to take admission in any new country, student visa is required in the same way study permit is required to study in that country. If we talk about Canada, then it is their dream country for many students where they want to study. Do you know that some documents are required to live, study, and enter Canada, the most important documents are study permit and student visa. Student visas are essential for your entry into Canada but study permits validate your entry into Canada. Keep in mind that before considering to study in Canada, definitely think about the study permit, it is an important document.

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In this article it's explained that Study permit necessary: How to apply? You must apply for a study permit before you come to Canada. Know whats the process to take this study permit and what are essential documents required to take study permit for CANADA, Also know Canada Student Visa Guide: Study Permit, Requirements. 

Every student has query How do I apply for a study permit for Canada? answer is given below:- 

Some essential Documents required for a study permit in Canada

If you are thinking of studying in Canada then it is very important to apply for a study permit but for this there are some important documents which you should keep ready in advance. Let us know about the documents which you will have to submit for the study permit.

  • A financial document that shows you are financially able to live in Canada
  • Most important English language proficiency exam score
  • Biometrics
  • Your valid passport
  • Medical test
  • Academic documents
  • Acceptance letter

These are some documents which are very important to study in Canada; from this you can get a study permit.

How to apply for a study permit for CANADA?

You can apply for study permit both online and offline but for this you must have the necessary documents. If you are applying online then you must have all these documents

To pay the application fee, it is very important to have a debit or credit card because you can pay the application fee online only

Electronic copies of your documents is must for study permit

Know about Application Cost and validity

Let us know what the study permit application cost is and how it should be paid

A biometric cost is CAD 85 and at the same time one has to pay CAD 150 for the application form. Especially keep in mind that you may also have to pay biometric fees. Once your study permit is issued, there is no need to apply again and again, it is valid for your entire study. If you pay for police certificate and medical test in any case, then this payment will not be added to the online application fee.

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Let us know what can be the cost of living in Canada for an international student

When we think of studying in Canada, we all think about the cost of living there because if we are going there for study, then we have to pay not only the study cost but also the living cost. Know what can be the living cost in Canada for a student.

  • Accommodation cost
  • Living cost
  • Transport costs
  • Health insurance costs in Canada
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Accommodation cost

Accommodation cost in Canada is such that it is very important to know about and consider because accommodation facility is very important for you to live there. The campus of the Canadian university you are studying in also provides you residence facilities but its fee can be 8000 - 10000 per year. And if you take off campus residence facilities then it can be 400 - 600 per month.

Living cost

Living costs are less in Canada than other countries, which can be very beneficial for you. You should make your budget keeping in mind all the expenses. Living cost also includes Communication cost, Personal expenses and incidentals and Textbooks and supplies.

Transport costs

Canada provides you with many transport facilities like bus, cab, train. It is important for you to be familiar with the cost of all these. If you want, you can also use a bicycle to travel nearby; this will save your daily transport expenses.

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In this article, we have told you about Canada Study Permit that it is a very important document to study there. You can know how to apply for this application. You do not need to think much about the expenses of Canada, you can study there as well as do a part time job, and this will help you in your expenses.

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