Important facts about U15 group - U15 Group creates progressive research environment among universities in Canada!

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U15 group of Canadian Research Universities

The U15 group is a very large group of Canada's top research universities. The main objective of this group is to promote research universities not only in Canada but all over the world and to further enhance the learning environment, and to promote research development. U15 group works for the benefit of all universities.

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What is Role of U15 group in Canada Universities?

U15 Group creates progressive research environment among universities in Canada and continues research development lets know what the roles of U15 Universities are

  • U15 Group plays a role in making Canadian universities more efficient use of pay-based research
  • U15 primarily plays a role in participating in a network of research universities and representing research around the world
  • Works with policy makers to improve fundamental research
  • Helps in conducting research and making high quality products for national and international students
  • Connecting with experts from all fields of expertise and analyzing public policy or news
  • Provide research support to the public sector, government and industry
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Some important fact about U15 group

There are some interesting and important facts about U15 group which we have mentioned here and it would be great for you to know.

  • It owns 80% of all research countries
  • U15 Groups Conduct 8.5 Billion Researches Every Year
  • This group produces 75% of doctoral awards across Canada
  • The group receives 79% of allocated research funding in Canada

Some Member universities

  • University of Alberta
  • Queen's University
  • McGill University
  • Dalhousie University
  • University of Toronto
  • Western University
  • University of Waterloo
  • Université de Montreal
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Importance of U15

The U15 are a group of researchers who use advanced research to make discoveries in the field. These are 15 institutes which do the work of training. In addition, it partners with the private and public sectors. Also, far reaching and quality college research is the establishment for advancement, one of the nation's major serious powers. While every college has its own examination and schooling order, the gathering plans to establish a feasible advanced education climate, encourage improvement and conveyance of long haul projects other than adding to the outlining of exploration strategy in Canada and across the world.

Understanding U15 at an international level

The U15 Global Network connects research universities around the world and joins the Global Network, which is a grouping of all research universities. These groups drive research excellence across Canada.

U15's members in the Global Network are

  • Association of American Universities
  • Russell Group
  • Association of East Asian Research Universities
  • League of European Research Universities
  • German U15
  • RU11
  • C9 League
  • Hong Kong 3

Being a piece of the Global Network, the gathering is focused on foreseeing college research intrigues on a worldwide scale. The gathering of these 15 colleges not just gives Canada state of the art examination and advancement yet additionally fortifies the economy. This group is popular not only in Canada but all over the world who innovate.

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If you are thinking of studying in Canada U15 universities then your idea is just right. So far by reading this article, you must have understood that what is U15 and how it works for Canada, if you have any other problem related to this article, and then you can contact IDP International Education Specialist.

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