Know some Tips for ILETS Preparation & Minimum ILETS Score Requirement To Study in Canada!

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The minimum ILETS score requirement for Canada

If you are thinking of studying in Canada, then for that you need to be good in the English language because we all know that most of the English is spoken in Canada. For that you will have an English Language Proficiency Test which is known as International English Language Testing System. This is a very important exam for taking admission in Canadian university. ILETS exam is a recognized exam all over the world, which is given every year by a lot of students. Only after passing this exam will you be considered eligible to study in Canada.

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So let's know how much score is required in ILETS exam to study in Canada.

When students are preparing for this ILETS exam, then one thing must be kept in mind that this exam and its score are very important for you and it can also have an impact on your student visa because when you apply for student visa then You are required to score ILETS exam, so you should give this exam very carefully and seriously.

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There are some tips that you can follow for IELTS test preparation.

  • First of all, know about the exam format, what type of questions can come and what will be the format
  • Practice your writing and essay skills and read booked
  • Can take previous year sample test papers and practice them
  • Talk to your friends and family in English as much as you can and read English papers as well as watch English movies

What should be the minimum IELTS score for Canada based on the level of study

IELTS score requirement may be different in different country and in different institution but if we talk about Canada then to study here the minimum score in this institution should be 5.5 for each band and overall it is 6.0. Only after achieving this score will you be eligible to study in Canada.

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Here we have mentioned about the minimum required IELTS score to Study in Canada -

For Undergraduate Courses in Canada - The minimum overall score for undergraduate courses in Canada should be 6 and it is very important to have 5.5 for each band.

For Postgraduate Courses in Canada - The minimum overall score for Postgraduate courses in Canada should be 6.5 and it is very important to have 5.5 for each band and could be 6.0 too.

For Student Direct Stream - The minimum overall score for Postgraduate courses in Canada should be 6.0 and it is very important to have 6.0 for each band.

IELTS score requirements at popular Canadian universities

When you clear the IELTS exam then you must check the score list in the university. Here we have listed some universities and their required IELTS scores -



Wilfrid Laurier University


University of Waterloo


Ontario Tech University


Simon Fraser University


University of Ottawa


Lake Head University


McGill University


University of Victoria


University of New Brunswick


If we talk about IELTS exam result then paper based result takes 10-13 days to come but this result comes online only in 3-5 days and you can check it. After the result you can apply for admission in your Desire University. Only this result of the examination will decide about your admission that you get admission in which university of Canada. And keep in mind that your score can also have an impact on your student visa.

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Hope you have come to know about IELTS exam and its importance by now. If you still need any information related to IELTS exam then you can take it through IDP's international education specialists

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