What is Designated Learning Institutions (DLIs)? Why is recommend to choose DLI Colleges in Canada?

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Its recommended to international students that your institute must be approved by DLI: Designated Learning Institutions List in Canada, DLI in Canada: A must-know for Canada education aspirants!

Designated Learning Institutions (DLIs) in Canada

We all know that Canada is very popular and ahead in the field of studies, so every student thinks of studying in Canada. Canada is a fast growing country in the field of education. It also provides many job opportunities after studies and at the same time gives complete focus on the syllabus. There are many top universities in Canada that are providing higher education. And with this Canada is cheaper than other countries in terms of education. As you know, you need a valid study permit to study in Canada. These permits are valid for institutions like Designated Learning Institution.

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What is Designated Learning Institutions (DLIs)?

Designated Learning Institutions is a Canadian popular education institute that provides higher education to international students. If you want to study in Canada, then you must first find out whether the university you are trying to study is in the approved list of Designated Learning Institutions or not, if not, then your study permit will not be considered valid.

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How you can check if your institution is on the approved list

  • To check this, you have to first go to the official website of the government
  • After that you have to choose an area on which your institute is based
  • After that the name of the school Search with city and related details
  • In the next step, note down the DLI number in your study permit
  • One thing to note is that each location in Canada may have a different DLI number

How to get a study permit

As you all know what a study permit is and why this study permit is necessary for an international student. Keep in mind that you will get your study permit only if you have the acceptance letter from DLI along with a valid passport, otherwise you will not be considered valid for the study permit. Along with this, you will also have to submit some financial certificates. You must provide a proof that you will leave Canada by the end of your course or authorized stay.

  • You will be enrolled in DLI and remain enrolled until your course is completed
  • You can continue your studies
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Are all DLIs eligible for Post-Graduation Work Permit?

Do you know whether DLI makes you eligible for PGWP program or not. So let us tell you that DLI does not make you eligible for PGWP programmed. You must be a graduate from DLI because some DLIs are only valid for graduate work permits. If you want to get PGWP then for this you have to fulfill certain criteria.

How to apply for Study permit for Canada

Know about DLI Exemptions

There are some cases in which students are allowed to provide a DLI number in the application.

Primary or Secondary Institute students who are nominated and have not been provided any DLI number. If the study or work permit of a relative of the student's family is already approved, then in this case an open study permit can be obtained

Reasons to choose DLI Colleges in Canada

Here are some of the reasons why you can choose DLI Colleges in Canada. Colleges, universities, CEGEPs, private careers have been included in the list of such institutes. Let us know which are such factors that will help you in choosing the best colleges in Canada?

  • The main reason for choosing DLI colleges in Canada is that these colleges are administered by the government or agency.
  • DLI colleges are fully capable of providing higher education in Canada
  • And the main reason is that the degree of DLI College is recognized worldwide.


In this article we have talked about the Designated Learning Institution in Canada, how it is international; valid for students and how to get study permit with it.

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