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If Jonas worked at your workplace, what would you recommend that your employer offer to Jonas in terms of the notice period? Why are you making the recommendation? What factors have you considered? 

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Termination of employees is defined as a period in which employees are working at the same wage rate and at fixed hours. The employer can offer an exit package in which all the terms of the regular payment would be entitled along with the bonus and the additional funds. I would have recommended the employer to provide at least 8-week statutory notice as Jonas had survived with the 30 years of the employment and served the company (Doorey 2016, p 311). It is on the basis of the Employment Standard of Manitoba. It needs to excercise the amount of payment in lieu of it. As he needs time to find a job and the notice period should be sufficient as per the Manitoba Employment standards. He is earning $1000 per week but the company had recently fone a wrongful dismissal.

The company should provide a clear statement of terminating along with providing valuable statutory time period. But Jonas is not entitled to the severance pay which is the additional pay or wages to statutory notice obligation to the dismissal employee. But under the Ontario and federal legislation orders employers to pay additional money beyond whatever is required in terms of statutory notice obligation (Employent Standards, 2019). As Jonas has been working for the past 30 years, it is important for the company to build and adhere to its company policies. Normally, when the employee is a permanent employee and has a long term association, for the company it is essential that it provides the employee equal chance to survive and prove himself. The employee should be provided with an exit strategy process instead of simply terminating the employee. If the company terminates the employee, it would result in compromised ethics and the bad reputation for the company. All the factors should be fully analyzed and accessed, before taking such actions.

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