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HMGT 372 Healthcare Environment Assignment Help

Health executives have a code of ethics and policy statements which guide their behavior. Examine one of the policy statements provided by and comment on how this code may differ in nature than the health care provider codes. Be specific. Do you see any ethical issues emerging out of health care reform yet are not consider in the ACHE documents? Peers are expected to demonstrate critical thinking in their questions related to the classmates’ descriptions. See Discussion Expectations and Grading for rules on discussions.

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The American College of Healthcare Executives was established with an objective to provide healthcare services to all the people in a given community. This foundation follows the principles of - integrity, leadership, diversity, inclusion, and ethics to ensure that they can create a culture of safety in a given healthcare setting (Nelson et al., 2007). 

They are making sure that the healthcare executives will be able to address major needs of the people in a given environment even from the diversity perspective. Thus, these executives will not follow any bias or discrimination and instead will be following the Code of Ethics in a given environment. 

On the other hand, while examining one of the policy statements provided by, it was noticed that the top-level management has formatted specific policies for following ethical principles at the workplace. However, after comparing with other healthcare codes, it differs in the practices related to ethics from the technological perspective(Nelson et al., 2007). 

There are no specific issues addressed regarding how the healthcare executives will be learning and implementing the healthcare technologies in a given environment. In addition, with increased security challenges related to such technological platforms, the top-level management of the organizations need to frame policies related to the usage of such Healthcare solutions and also devise guidelines related to Code of Ethics in a given working environment (McNamee&Schramme, 2011). 

Further, it is also important for the staff to follow these guidelines and ensure security of the data and information of the patients. It will thereby make sure of not only following the governance principles but will allow the staff to follow the practices of - accountability, transparency, ethics, honesty, and effective communication(McNamee &Schramme, 2011). 

The top-level management of the organizations, however, can deploy performance analysis mechanisms that will not only assist in determining the major gaps but will also help them overcome them by providing appropriate recommendations. Even the staff can provide and share their valuable feedbacks on the ethical principles so that the senior management can modify the strategies accordingly in the present working environment.

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