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Systems development Life Cycle Assignment Help

The project is considering cloud-based solutions which should be investigated. Consider various aspects of cloud-based solutions such as data security, which includes data ownership (by Headspace, the young person, medical professionals etc). As well as other relevant aspects of cloud solutions.

Complete the Following

 Please refer to the marking guide when preparing your response to see what criteria and standards will be used to assess your work and your progress.

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Part 2

Non-Functional Requirements

System quality may be identified using the non-functional pre-requisite. Quality features are features that easily deal with non-precautionary pre-treatment.

Security - The cloud-based curriculum of the program should have the capability to ensure customer's near or dear information and data. This element is basically basic that if there is a high safety, no personal data will be circulated. This will try and encourage the use of real cloud-computing-base systems (Bhatnagar & Kumar Singh, 2013).

Availability - When a customer interacts with the specialist and the patient system, it becomes a critical element to think properly. With these lines, providing the right level of access to the right combination for data security level and information creation is fundamental.

Famous - Improve system security and protect your client's data and information. However the safety of system is high, many customers always use the system. This shelter and solid system, therefore makes the system productivity.

Adaptability - Many clients are having problems using the new system because they are never easy to switch over to the new system. In this way, it is necessary to modify it correctly to change the needs of the system client and then the client can bother without the system (K.Pandey & Batra, 2013).

Functionality - Because cloud-based systems increase cross waves on Australia and need to combine technology because system proficiency is high. Customers living in the provincial territories should have the ability to go to system without any difficulty.

Usability - It is difficult to use the system to implement the reality that some clients do not have sufficient data to go to system. With these lines, it’s simple to utilize with logo, graphs moreover highlights directly to motivate all customers.

Availability – System accessibility should be higher than some of the clients in the property area or they have easy access to system. On possibility of decreasing accessibility, consumers do not prefer to use the system since their need for critical issues, but if system is not accessible at that time then it can be a very good problem.

Text dimension 

1. Use acceptable eye shading

2. A hunting bar should be given to find some watch walk

3. Web content must be functional

4. There are some pictures in the site to attract customers

5. The bid used in the system should be a general bid and should be more than simple to use the system

Constraints: A relational data base must be applied to simply connect to the system to restore a data. They must also be implementing in such way that users may easily access system (Karim, Albuolayan, Saba & Rehman, 2016). Normal language should be used in common language.

Network limit: Network requirement must be considered before implementing the system, because users in rural area use network as there are no error. The system should have a low bandwidth and connectivity smoothly across the entire system.


FURPS speaks with cloud-based accessibility, ongoing quality, execution and security. The reality is absolutely serious when implementing cloud-based system. At such times when system is used precise as well as productively, the systems continued quality is high (Mathkunti, 2014). If the patient is sending information as well as data to expert or if system is not accurate then this system should be solid exceptionally according to, the welfare of the patient may be at risk.


End Client can be referred to as an easy-to-use system for use. Innovations can be obtained by customers and from the beginning of the system; the reason for this is that the improvement group should consider the incident during the implementation of the system.


To successfully handle the patients, headspace system tissue should be solid exceptionally. To get moreover send data, gadgets need to work properly and interact with stage to protect data exchanges (Sahadeva, Kumar & Sharma, 2012). For this situation, new stage is gadgets handling.


This headset is a significant factor in the cloud-based solution. Performance is not disabled for handling patients very effectively. It is necessary to analyze the connection time between the systems. Funds and consultant fees are required to be calculated. It can also be advised and used while implementing video consultation. The primary objective is to providing primary and secondary care to patients and medical practitioners with simple moreover excellent performances with a cloud-based structure (Shahzad & Hussain, 2013). The terms of consideration for performance are given below.

1) Response time

2) Throughput

3) Availability

4) Accuracy of the system

5) Use of source


Security is a necessary part of the unnecessary work because the headspace system has confidential information and it needs safety. The data given by the doctor to his/her patient should be very confidential. Only the authorized employees can be access confidential data (Sharma & Singh, 2015). The Policies to defend or protect data includes PKI certification it’s required to utilize encryption to transfer and protect information. 

Review of cloud-based

Advantages of Cloud Computing

Cost Savings

Perhaps, most significant cloud computing advantages is in phrases of savings in IT spend. Businesses do not matter in their kind and size, capital and operating expenses earn money to minimize the money.


With the managed service platforms, cloud computing is very consistent and more reliable than home's IT infrastructure.


Central Administration of Cloud Computing assets, Vendor Management Infrastructure and SLA Supported Agencies Provide improved as well a Simplified IT Management or Maintenance abilities (Vijayakumar & Arun, 2017).

Disadvantages of the Cloud Computing


The cloud service suppliers or provider takes care of many consumers daily so they can be tired and come against technical outlets. This can be temporarily suspended for Headspace business processes. In Addition, in case Headspace connection of internet is offline or you will not be capable to access a few of Headspace servers, applications, and data from cloud.


Even though cloud service provider is implementing the best safety standards moreover business certificates, important data from external data providers and risks is always open (Bhatnagar & Kumar Singh, 2013). Using cloud-enabled technology means you want to providing access to significant industry information to your service providers.

Vendor Lock-In

Cloud service providers promise that being flexible to integrate and use with the cloud, switching to cloud services is somewhat that has not yet been fully developed.

SDLC Approach

SDLC is a process that is use by Software Company to test, design, and expand good quality software’s. The aim of SDLC is to create good-quality software that exceeds or meets the consumer’s expectations, to the end of time and to the price estimates. This includes a detailed plan for replacing, maintaining, developing, and changing or enhancing particular software. Lifecycle defines a functioning system to improve quality of the software as well as overall growth process. SDLC is the process that creates the least amount of time and the lowest cost software (K.Pandey & Batra, 2013). SDLC includes a comprehensive plan for developing, replacing, maintaining and replacing software systems.

SDLC includes many different stages, including design, planning, building, deployment and testing. A famous SDLC model includes waterfall models, spiral models, and agil models.

SDLC software reduces cost of the development and quality or improvements reduce time of production. SDLC clearly achieves a different purpose which follows a scheme that eliminates specific errors in software development projects. This plan evaluates through an assessment of existing shortfall. Next, determines the need for an innovative system (Karim, Albuolayan, Saba & Rehman, 2016). After that they prepare the software throughout design, deployment, testing and development steps. By anticipating the estimated errors such as failure of the end user to asking end user, the SLDC can also eliminate unwanted resellers and later-actually resolve it.

Pros & Cons: Adaptive & Predictive SDLC

Adaptive SDLC Pros 

Adoption methods focus on users. Client's involvement as well as contribution at each level of growth or development gives response to development teams which may translate to the upcoming software to add value. Investments of the user and customers are assured that the designated and vested needs are fulfilled completely and the satisfaction of total user is taken in final product (Mathkunti, 2014).

An Adaptive SDLC generate good quality software To dismantle project into the components, focus on good quality development, simultaneously examining one element, creating good quality final products. The quality is improving by the testing and reviews that each component has evolved. During tests and tests, errors are identified and resolved on each step, moreover any match is identified and expected to be repaired early and therefore quality software is distributed.

Adaptive SDLC: Cons

Adaptive SDLC has demanded a comprehensive user investment and increases the time and commitment of user's representative during the whole life of this project. The time of most user agents is exhausted because in many cases they are completely engaged during trial and review sessions and are disabled in development sessions (Sahadeva, Kumar & Sharma, 2012).

Pros of Predictive SDLC

The budget allows easy estimates of SDLC budget and timeline. Due to the final result being known and seeing final product at initial phase of development of software, the future SDLC team makes it possible to facilitate the predictable timeframe for project along with expected budgets (Lewis, 2008). The project is far rarer than the future SDLC perspective. The company used for data-based decision needs to access important data in the range of activities and sometimes it’s difficult to get into big data sets. In its many form-budget modeling, optimization and decision analysis, transaction profiling as well as analytical search or predictive analytic can be apply to a variety of the business strategies moreover is a major player in the search advertising as well as recommendation engines (Shahzad & Hussain, 2013). These methods can provide executives and managers. Decision-makers who make decisions-applying to influence applying, revenues and sale estimations, product optimization and innovative product development. Although useful as well as beneficial, the prediction analysis is not for everyone.

Cons of Predictive SDLC

Future SDLC does not create any operating software until last stage of the software development. Executive software production is only prepared at the last step of the process of software development. Reviews and Testing are complete only at later stage of lifecycle model. In lots of cases, there is identity of necessity that has not been done during development or it is necessary to try in the complete process and whole process has been repeated to meet the needs. Even if business has enough information, critics argues that changing human behavior or changing alterations may result in changing consumer-alterations when it comes to human behavior and algorithms.

Best SDLC for Headspace

SDLC is a most appropriate way to implement during the development of headspace project. The headspace project is the overall project that will also be use by different users, it is a great way to develop using adaptive methods, in this process, and extensive user investment is operating before and after the development process (Sharma & Singh, 2015). Completing the users' needs of the headspace project is an important factor and is only possible throughout utilize of adaptive SDLC because these needs are gathered in the direction of completion of each component and therefore the solution is to satisfy all the necessities of final product. Headspace is the project that includes various factors and is object-oriented in nature or therefore the predictive methods cannot be implemented in project. Adaptive approach to this project is an ideal approach (Vijayakumar & Arun, 2017)

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