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Mercantilism and its Effects Assignment Help

Identify how mercantilism from the perspective of a colonist had a positive impact on you. How can the lessons you have learned positively affect your life or career success? Has this course changed your assumptions/values/attitudes/beliefs about any of the subject matter? What did you find the most surprising, and about what would you like to learn more?

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According to colonists, mercantilism was the concept where colonial aborigines were restricted to export their products to their colonist mother nations (Ocran, 2019). Colonists have the perspectives to enact regulations such as Navigation acts or others which prohibits colonials from selling goods to other countries excluding nation countries. As a result, the Government of wealthier countries has the scope to buy products at a limited price and export them to different nations at higher prices.

Mercantilism is the economic policy which has a great effect on the future of students. In this mercantilism process, Government of mother nation has the main motto to export their home products to the world in a huge manner whereas the way of import of foreign products is very limited. In this aspect, there will be a trade-related balance in the economy. It has a great effect on career life also. To enhance the rate of export to other countries to enhance the profitability level Government has to develop enormous industries, factories where employment sources will be developed tremendously (Tarko & O'Donnell, 2019). On the other hand, in such colonies skill development of youth nations occurs in a vivid manner to fulfill self-interest of government. It has made a great enthusiasm in me because it is a great history where aboriginal colonies are surprisingly made their activities due to their laborious nature.

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