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Motivation Assignment Help

You've just landed your dream job with a dynamic organization. The head of the organization is charismatic and wants to meet with every new employee. You've been tracking her career for several years through your university's alumni news, since she graduated about 10 years before you and is still very involved in the university. You want to make a good impression. She was recently interviewed for the New York Times column, "Corner Office," and she commented that she always asks new hires her “signature question.” You’re anticipating that the head of your organization will ask her signature question at lunch today: "What motivates you, what's your passion, and what do you believe?"

The question is important to reflect on because your response may provide valuable insights into what drives you, as described in this article

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My personal belief of the motivation is to get a dream job in Google company as a Researcher (Peters, 2015). For this, I am ensuring that I get good grades and also choose the study stream which would allow me to get a dream job in a suitable company. It is always important to be motivated and here my personal ambition to grow, travel the world and earn a class apart is a high motivation incentive. As with time the personal ambition, takes a toll due to the external factors and the internal inclination of the family, it is always important to approach them to step by step.

My dream originated after seeing my senior working in the most reputable company. His work, accolades, and the aspirations became my own added advantage. The dream to build my own mansion along with the good branded car, was a desire which can only be attained with the help of the hard work and compelling aspirations. Not everyone who aims can end into a lucrative deal, it is always important to work cohesively towards it. Sometimes the luck and also the inspiration to do timely actions are the prime factors. It is important to always be proactive with the approach and cover the opportunities into the biggest aspirations. With time, there is always a growing realization to build social and economic factors (Herzberg, 2017).

I realized my dream and passion, as I always saw my father has toiled through the night to secure a better future for us and also add on the funds through the additional part-time jobs. I have a realized during those times, that the time element and stepping into the desired opportunity are the required needs and aspirations. It is always better to understand the timely devotion by completing the studies on time and also working on the market added technical expertise. The dreams should always be seen through open eyes. It is important to covert the dreams into reality. It can be better understood through the add on approaches by allowing aspirations to make us pursue our dreams.

As I have seen the unstable financial conditions of my family, I always aimed to secure a good job which would also help in supporting my family. personal beliefs have only allowed me to conquer my dreams. With time, patience, motivation and consistent hard work, it has allowed converting the dream reality into the biggest opportunity.

With time the passion and ambition can add to the professional fulfillment. My dreams have always been professionally instilled that are driven through personal desires. As personal responsibilities are growing, it would be great to aim high and aspire for it. Gradually I need to substantially adjust with the growing trends and analysis, which would allow growing with aims. It is also to be professionally enticing and approachable which can be achieved through a reputable job which is secured and stabled. As we are gradually moving to global dimensions, I would like to believe that I can secure the future with a bankable job.

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