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Gender Identity Assignment Help

Evaluate Traditional Gender-Role Stereotypes over the Lifespan.Watch the Video that is provided in Module 1: "Big Think Interview, with Lise Eliot".

A) Do you feel that children should be guided by social expectations in regard to what toys they play with? Explain your response.
B) According to the video titled "Big Think Interview, with Lise Eliot", at age 1, girl's and boy's both like dolls because dolls have faces and all children are instinctively attracted to faces and voices. This is because we are a social species.
I. At what age do boys opt for boy toys, and girls opt for girl toys?
II. At what age do children typically begin to figure out if they are a boy or a girl?
III. Parents, peers and ___________, are the biggest influences that socialize children regarding gender roles.

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Gender reflects to the social and psychological characteristics that are associated with both male and female in a given environment. It will allow to define an identity for the individual based on his or her psychological self-concept. It will thereby allow them to learn specific attitudes, behaviors, and also take over to certain responsibilities in the future (Bauer, 2015).

Gender role socialization is the process of conveying what is considered to be most appropriate in a given culture for both male and female. Researchers have defined social constructionism as an approach that will allow individual to construct their social identity within a given community (Bauer, 2015).

It will also allow people to differentiate male and female not on biological basis but on the basis of interaction with a given society. Boys and girls as and when they are born are treated differently by their parents. The early gender-related differences include emotional expression and aggression (Kurtz-Costes et al., 2014). It is due to these reasons that the concept of gender stereotyping is developed with an objective to determine the approach of parents toward their children.

They will differentiate on their male child and female child in a given societal environment. This report will thereby focus on the aspects of gender stereotyping and will determine how this theory shapes the behaviors and other attributes of a child in a given social environment.

1. Conceptual Theory and Background

Gender stereotyping is a theory developed with an objective to determine the changes that are observed in the behaviors and other attributes during the entire life span. It will thereby cover the periods of - childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and even the later phase of life (Kurtz-Costes et al., 2014). There will be differences observed between men and women due to these reasons since males will be developed through mathematical ability whereas females will be developed through verbal ability.

The communication styles of women will tend to be better than men and hence will be able to understand emotions of other people as well. However, due to this issue, there are problems such as - economic inequality, sexual harassment, use of sexist language, sexual assault, and lack of empowerment of women have risen in the community (Kurtz-Costes et al., 2014).

It is thereby necessary to address these issues, frame governmental policies that will lower the inequality between men and women, and subsequently empower women more in a given societal environment (Kurtz-Costes et al., 2014). Only then these identified challenges will be resolved and women will be able to gain equal status in the society.

2. Social Expectations

The social expectations of the parents and of other concerned people in a traditional community will be that a male child will focus on his career and will be later focusing on earning and shaping his career from professional perspective (Kang & Chen, 2014). On the other hand, the perspective for a female child will be different.

Women will be focusing more on the household duties and will be exposed to stress escalation, abusive explosion, and even will have lesser power and authority in a given household environment. She will be required to take extended care of all the family members and also perform other duties to ensure that all the family members live in peace (Kang & Chen, 2014).

Such incidents were common during the earlier time, however, with the feminist movements gaining importance, females are gaining equal status to that of men in a given community. As per one of the theories, it is found that the differences observed regarding - gender-specific education, workplace opportunities only for men, housekeeping functions, decision making and even child care all got evolved in the present time (Kang & Chen, 2014). The social expectations have thereby changed even of parents in the present time or one can conclude that they have got evolved in the present circumstances.

3. Big Think Interview with Lies Eliot

In this interview, there are different perspectives provided by Lise Eliot regarding - development of behaviors among new-born children, the approaches taken by the parents regarding development of their child, the gender-stereotyping attributes working in the growth and development process, and also the shape of other attributes that will dominate these children during the later aspects of life (Pillow, Pearson, & Allen, 2015).

Despite the fact that both new-born boy and girl will have similar interaction environment, the role of parents and even other social guardians will be important as they will be teaching them with the basic social values, social constructs, and other vital elements of the society (Pillow, Pearson, & Allen, 2015). Since then the role of a boy and role of a girl will get thereby differentiated in a given environment.

However, if the environment is supportive and ensures that both boy and girl will be granted equal status, it would result into - providing equal education, providing equal access to the given resources, and also making sure that they achieve their respective goals in life.

4. Role of Parents

The role of parents is vital in not only shaping the behaviors, attributes, and other characteristics in a new-born child but also to make sure that they provide the right environment for growth and development (Chisik, 2015).

The different life span phases will have different impacts on a given child. For example, during the childhood phase, boys are encouraged to show aggression whereas girls are encouraged to show emotion. Hence, girls will be found with dolls and boys will be found with trucks. Further, during the adolescence period, gender intensification and differentiation will increase that will lead to further differences between both boy and girl (Chisik, 2015).

The focus of the society will be on masculinity and feminity that will shape the future traits for both these children. Later, in adulthood, boys will be allowed to choose career of their choice, whereas girls will not be granted equal freedom to develop their careers from a professional perspective (Chisik, 2015). It is due to these reasons that women do not enter into professional fields whereas men will be working directly in the organizations.


It is important to note that men and women are more similar rather than considering them dissimilar in a given environment. However, due to rigid structural values and due to gender stereotype existing in a given community, one can find differences between men and women. The attributes, behaviors, and other values inculcated to boy and girl are different and hence one can later observe these differences in the future (Krupnikov & Bauer, 2014).

However, some of the researchers have argued regarding the problems of - sexual harassment, gender discrimination, and even sexual assault in a domestic environment (Krupnikov & Bauer, 2014). There is a need to grant equal status to men and women in the society to overcome such challenges.

In addition, the government needs to make sure of overcoming gender discrimination and gender bias at workplaces in different organizations. It is not only the responsibility of the government and other institutions to resolve these issues but it is also the responsibility of parents and peers to teach right values, provide access to required resources, and grant freedom to girl child as well (Krupnikov & Bauer, 2014). Only then these social problems of a given community will be resolved and lead to peaceful environment among these people.

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