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Service Process Maps Assignment Help


Research the manufacturing process for the selected company. Create a manufacturing process map. Explain the elements of infrastructure for the manufacturing company using flow charts and be sure to provide a key. 


Research the service process for the selected company. Create a service process map. Explain the elements of infrastructure for the service company using flow charts and be sure to provide a key.

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Ford Company

Ford Company is an American multinational automaker (, 2019). The headquarters is at Dearborn, Michigan, United States. The company was founded in the year 1903. In this report, the strategic abilities of Ford Company are mentioned. The manufacturing process of the company helps in building good customer and supplier base. They sell their products all over the world. This company is taken into consideration for this report because the company was founded by Henry Ford at the age of 39. In the year 1980, there were more than 200,000 workers at their Michigan plant. Ford Company gives equal importance to its employees by giving them opportunities for advancement and growth. They have gained positive results from the customers and hence they are successful in the market.



image 5.png

Figure 1: Manufacturing process map (Source: Self-developed)

It is seen that process map is an important aspect of the manufacturing industry. It is just like a blue print which looks after the overall procedure. It helps in determining the improvements required in the process. This map helps in building a proper plan. A clear channel of communication is formed in the different departments of the company (Murugesan, Rajenthirakuma r& Chandrasekar, 2016). Such map increases the involvement of team which helps in bringing a positive change in the company.The operations in the manufacturing industry can be handled carefully and there will be no confusion between the auditors. All the unnecessary waste is reduced. It saves a large amount of money and time. A manufacturing process map explains the infrastructure of Ford Company. It shows the overall process of making a car and shipping it to the dealer. In Ford industry firstly the engine of the car is built (Harjes, 2018). Once the engine is ready then it is shipped to the other plant where the other parts of the car are being made (Petersen et al., 2017). This engine is then pressed at the pressing plant. It is wielded. The other parts of the car are painted. Then the parts are assembled together. Once this process is done, an inspection is done on the car. The overall working of the car and its parts are checked (, 2019).When positive results are gained through this step then the car is shipped to the dealers. Hence the overall process stops at this point.


Lyft is a company of transportation network. It is having the headquarters at San Francisco, California. They are having 30% of market share in the United States. The goal of the company is to deliver great services to their customers. The drivers at Lyft are providing 1 million rides in a single day (, 2019). Lyft is having many competitors in the market like Uber. Additional customer base can be made by having strong leadership. This company is taken for this report because they are new in the market and are working hard to target customers. The company keeps its drivers satisfied and hence, the customers are also satisfied with the services provided.

Service Process Map

The bookings at Lyft are done through the mobile application.

image 6.png


Figure 2: Service-process map (Source: Self-developed)

In a service process map the sequential diagram explains the processes when the customers are receiving the services (Li et al., 2016). It determines the amount of resources that is being used in the overall process. This is determined by the managers. All the inefficiencies and valueless activities are uncovered through this mapping. It generally goes from a reactive to a proactive mode. This helps in increasing the cross-functional communication. It also acts as a training aid to the new employees. Structured improvements can be done through service process map. All different kinds of obstacle are handled through this mapping.A service process map explains the working details of Lyft. This map gives a complete idea about the infrastructure at the company. The two main people of this process map are customers and Lyft Drivers (Damelio, 2016). The method starts when the customer does the booking (Moore & Zhang, 2018). This request is then received by the Lyft drivers. They clearly review the request which they have got. Then they check for availability. They also look for other alternatives. They offer such alternatives to the customers. If there is availability then the booking request is confirmed. Confirmation is given to the customer.The driver picks up the customer (Shi et al., 2018).Hence the overall process gets completed at this step and so it ends.

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