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Law And Business Ethics, Asia Pacific International College, Australia

SBM3204 - Sustainability And Ethics


Learning outcomes: • Demonstrate an understanding on regulations, the law and business ethics in organisations.

• Demonstrate an understanding of the organisational values that support ethical decision making.

• Evaluate the implications of social and public pressure for ethical behaviour in organisations.

• Identify and respond to ethical dilemmas that threaten the organisation and industry.

• Promote an organisation's corporate responsibility through values internally and to stakeholders in the media.

Question: Method of doing the self-reflection - Explain your learning on all of the FIVE unit learning outcomes.

Answer: Introduction: The purpose of this report is to discuss about my personal learning experiences in an organization to interlink ethics and sustainability. My learning experience has taught me how to critically think and arrive at a proper decision with the help of utilizing ethics in business. I shall be talking about the learning process and how it has helped me to understand organizational regulations as well as inculcate values that will support my future decisions.

1: Understanding the organizational values, law and business ethics: Because has helped me get a better understanding of the core values that are important for the organization. I have learnt to utilize the values for my personal growth and to be able to relate them to the right exposure and decision making. Organizational values are ethically and legally important for any decision to arrive at. It has helped me to understand how to apply those during an organizational understanding and be able to arrive at the conclusion which is not ethically and morally incorrect. I have come to understand that every organization has their own values which are important for the employees and employers to be avoided by. Organizational values make the organization important and they are supported by ethical and moral objectives. The core business values of an organization related to standing up against discrimination, finding wage gap discriminatory and not allowing female employees to exercise their rights without any fear (Turrens 2018). 

The legal and ethical aspects of an organizational value are about striking a balance between what is ethically wrong and what is legally incorrect. I have also learnt about the employment laws and which provisions that talks about equality and non discrimination. The legal rules of the organization have taught me to be fair to the position that I am holding and to be able to respect the rules and regulations that has been employed by the organization.


2. Organisational values supporting ethical decision making: A proper understanding of the various values that surround the decision making procedures of ethical conduct is required for continuous growth and improvement. From the basic knowledge of ethics and ethical reasoning I have understood various decision making procedures that make the progress within any industry easier to follow and improvement becomes more achievable. Several values are associated with the power of decision making that attempt is the ethical elements that are embedded within the working industry and the work culture. From the learning I have understood that the decision making problems related to ethical exposures involve moral conflicts their choice needs to be made between the probable options (Shapiro and Stefkovich 2016). 

These moral for ethical situations and considerations, which sometimes construct each other, require thoughtful and mindful powers to discuss transport arrive at a conclusion by structuring a proper framework of understanding. Moral conflicts that I have understood about throughout various work activities have enabled me to justify and arrive at a proper conclusion regarding various objectives of ethical reasoning. The ethical dimensions that I have faced have inherently been conflictual in nature and have disintegrated the decision making framework in business decisions to surpass considerations. The ability to decide an exercise that decision in any organization requires several values of morality, personal integrity and code of conduct and their standards enable individuals associated with the ethical decision making flowers to rationalize and arrive at decisive conclusions. There are certain decision making rules that follow ethical and moral conduct and these objectivity of fairness and needs to maintain objectivity.

3: Implications of social and political pressure for ethical behavior: During this program, I learnt to use ethics to be able to analyze the business issues to understand what is right from wrong. It is also help me in arriving at ethical decisions and remove any difference of ethics and morality that might help in giving rise to dilemmas. What is always been believe that social and political pressure have an impact on the conduct of a human beings and an organization should be able to respect the stress. Every organization has their own corporate behavior that is reinforced by ethical behavior as well as professional mannerisms. I want about the impact that commitment as well as moral reasoning might have on the pressure that builds up within an employee. I've also been able to understand the social influence that creates an issue of form of pressure by making conformity and obedience a part of the organizational establishment. I have been able to understand that ethical behavior is always understood in the light of an organizational and moral commitment that arises from the professional mandate of an organization. Social and political pressure which is created from external atmosphere can have developed heating effect on the behavior of an employee. 

4. Ethical dilemmas threatening organisations and industries: Several ethical issues and dynamic may arise within organisations that threaten the improvement and progress of the organisation and its employees. These issues vary from personal and privacy concerns to leadership values and favoritism concerns. One of the most important ethical dilemmas that I have learnt during my work experience is the issue of an organization with the use of social media as a marketing tool within business. It gives rise to the difficulty of organizations to differentiate professional and personal details within social media settings. To do away with this ethical dilemma, close monitoring and understanding of social media policies has to be undertaken by employees which allows certain things at workplace and doesn't permit other activities. Another important aspect involves the privacy and Technology concerns which enable employees within organizations to organizational structure access personal emails and web histories of employees within the organization thus infringing their privacy (Iphofen 2016). This issue may be reduced with the use of ethical reasoning to understand which data and which information may be accessed by the management and which data are strictly private information. I also studied and analyzed forms of employee favoritism and picking sides by analyzing individual profits, which is another ethical issue that arises in organizations because of which certain employees are promoted and given good incentives whereas other employees with similar merit and expertise are not given due recognition. 

Favoritism also involves sexual harassment which itself is an offence. Favoritism is a severely on ethical practice and from what I understood, favoritism of any kind should be removed from organization to allow proper growth and improvement within the work environment. Poor leadership behavior where the leader exhibits immoral and unethical behavior patterns also influences unethical working practice in organizations due to which the workplace becomes an unsafe place for employees. I have learnt that this causes lack of motivation and satisfaction of employees in workplace because if the leader does not involved in ethical practice and management of behavior. This requires proper policies to be set place show the leaders do not practice unethical behavior and thereby do not allow unethical practice in their employees.


5: Corporate responsibility through values: I have understood that corporate social responsibility is a commitment of an organization safeguarding interest of the employees and the stakeholders. The social culture as well as a tradition of an organisation has a very important role to play make sure that the organization complies with their social responsibility. The companies utilize their practices to make sure that they are committed towards employees and the stakeholders to uphold their values and interests. Learning process has been to understand the relevance of sustainable development within organizations and how they have a corporate responsibility to preserve the sculptures. Corporate social responsibility is a way of an organization to take responsibility towards maintaining a proper relation with the employees and also with the nature. This can only be implemented through value which comes down through generations. 

I learnt about how an organization should be able to generate profit for the shareholders but also say to the investment within the corporate social responsibility framework. Every organization should go beyond their particular template to be able to embrace and ideal environment which will be responsible in helping to go for promoting fairness and values within the organization. Corporate social responsibility has also been able to teach me to utilize the tangible assets promote transparency within an organization.

Conclusion: Through my study I got various important information and data about the requirements of ethical practice and ethical decision making in work environment. Without making use of several ethical values and practices to ensure that work operates in an ethical and moral manner, the progress of an industry cannot be ensured. I have understood that during decision making procedures when I am provided with two similar options in any scenario, I should opt for the scenario which is more ethical in nature and causes least harm to those around me. I also learnt about several regulations and laws that govern business ethics in organizations as well as several ethical dilemmas that threaten industries. From the ethical dilemmas I understood that certain ethical issues need to be removed from the routes to guarantee that the work environment of the organization is not hampered.

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