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1. What does the current, empirical research suggest regarding financing, economics, and policies that make for a successful consultation business venture? Specifically, how might a behavioral health leader tailor a consultative model to health-care reforms and the needs of payers in the marketplace?

2. How can a behavior consultant apply theoretical concepts of psychology apply to the different stages of consultation practice that currently exist currently?

3. How do the major models and theories of medical psychology and behavioral health medicine develop within the stages of consultation?

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Successful consultation business venture: empirical research on financing, economics, and policies

The "personality psychology" suggests that interaction between the individual character and situational context determines the entrepreneurial behavior (Klotz & Neubaum, 2016). For example, in areas which requires networking, the entrepreneur with "extroversion", have more chances of success. For consultation business, finance issue is important because, within the market, consumers tends to seek cost effective and profitable schemes. Hence, in accordance to the psychology of customers, consultants are required to describe plans which fits to the pocket of customers, put them in financially beneficial position, and offers better return of their investment. Likewise, economic is also connected to the consultation business. Particularly, for medium sized firms, the funding options comes from local economic developers and investors, and thus they requires more consultation services for their business. Collaborating with consultation thus can help the company saving money, rather than hiring a full-time employee. Furthermore, the consultation service act as catalyst for managing change, guiding employee morale, and managing risk (Doppelt, 2017).

For successful consultation business, the policy measures must include clear communication and focusing on risk identification as well as mitigation strategy, which always results in positive outcome. More importantly, the policy measures must employ that the consultation services are based on ethical principles, according to the regulatory framework, and include the concept of diversity, socio-economic contemporary issues, and helps in achieving market competitiveness.

Tailoring a consultative model to health-care reforms and needs of payers in marketplace

The approaches with which a behavioral health leader can tailor the consultative model for health-care reform by analyzing the limitations and potential associated, as well as by recommending accountability. For example, considering the reform model of Primary Health Care model, the existing potential include serving patient with Medicare insurance for mild behavioral health conditions (van Boven, et al., 2016). However, the limitation is that the reform may not accept Medicaid patient. In this context, the accountability recommendation include, using evidence based guidelines for managing any one condition or to manage co-existing behavioral health condition, together.
For "payers in the market", it is noteworthy to mention that not all behavioral health professionals are expert in all behavioral health complications. However, payers do not have ability to determine if the professional is suitable for their condition and they cannot verify if professionals are using evidence-based practices. Thus, the behavioral health leader should add more specialty area to their profile for getting more referrals and can attract the payers (Freeman, Manson, Howard & Hornberger, 2018).

Theoretical concepts of psychology - Application at different stages of consultation

According to Cohen et al. (2015), there are four stage of consultation, viz. (i) formulation of ideas; (ii) consultation on the proposal; (iii) considering response and offering feedback; and (iv) making decision and proceeding for implementation. The linking of the theoretical concepts of psychology to these stages of consultation are further discussed in below section.

Formulation of ideas - Building trustworthy relations is the key concept of psychology that is applicable in the first stage of consultation. Psychologists are expected to have good sense of collective or systematic understanding, in conjunction to the problem existing in workplace environment. Thus, framing trustworthy relationship with client aims to understand the group situation and offer transactional analysis. These analysis must aim understand, explain, and food forward mutual agreement for the facts which are identified as risk, and the corresponding mitigation strategies are required to be explored through consultancy.

Consultation on proposal - The relevant psychological theory in this context is managing the information flow and controlling the conversation. This requires that the information that will be exchanged during conversation must be accurate and complete. More importantly oh, the information must be delivered to the counterpart. The use of proper tone during conversation, developing dialogue strategy, and providing structure to the message is of high importance.

Considering response and offering feedback - The objective of feedback is to map the task action and underlying processes, for obtaining desired results. The feedback analysis during consultation must be linked to goals, plans, and actions. Additionally, it also focuses on the misconceptions, ignorance, and chances of error. Overall it must be ensured that during consultancy process the criticism made must be constructed with nature and it should provide confidence among the client.

Making decision and proceeding for implementation - In order to make decisions, consistency theory and cognitive dissonance must be used. Both of these theories seeks the comfort level of clients with respect to the proposal. Additionally, for the implementation, filter theory should be adopted which helps in making choices based on selection filters. Likewise, the self-determination theory which controls the external and internal motivation; and the self-regulation theory which controls the urge to contribute to the overall change management.

Development of theories of medical psychology and behavioral health medicine within stages of consultation

The theories of medical psychology were developed by understanding the connection between physical health and state of psychology. Note that the possible path of influence and associated mechanism have probability to get influenced based on the environment, situational context, and over the time. The development of these theories were motivated by the fact that health conditions can be improved by directly working with individual patients and providing them information about the status of health (Kaplin et al., 2016). The advantage of this opinion is that behavioral changes can be easily obtained using communication, feedback analysis, and mutually agree on the decisions. As a result of which the development of medical psychology and related theories make use of large-scale behavioral programs such as health promotion programs, sexual awareness program, as well as affordable care and insurance programs.

The theories of behavioral health medicine where are developed with the stages of consultancy based on five key factors. The first one is susceptibility which defines the condition which may hurt the individual. Another factor is severity that suggests the condition to be critical enough four resulting into negative consequence (Doppelt, 2017). Next factor is benefit that accounts for the advice to stop, lower, risk, and consequence of the condition. Perceived cost is another factor which outweigh the psychological harm in conjunction to the advice behavior. The last factor being cues to action, which triggers the individual for final action.

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