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Personal Philosophy of Nursing Paper Assignment Help

I. Explore ethical nursing practice responsibilities of BSN prepared nurses.

2. Examine own professional goals within the context of the profession.

3. Develop techniques for reflective nursing practice. 

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Helping has always been something that I love to do from the very early age and that is the force that has influenced my various decisions and career that I have chosen for myself. Helping people is not always an easy task but it requires a lot of courage and desire to do such. Therefore, nursing, including the health and other such related terms is the best way to serve people and contribute towards society. Not helping people but making a small difference in society gives the feeling of fulfillment to me. This is the sole reason that I am in this field and contributing to society.

I have done my nursing degree and then practiced in the WeAll Health Care Services for three years. It was an amazing experience working out there. Most of the people think that nursing is just looking after the illness of the people but for me, it is more than that. It is to have an emotional connection with people and then motivate them so that they can quickly recover from their illness. I have seen that most of the nurses are rude to their patients and that does not help them in their work of curing the person instead it will hamper their health. This is the most important thing that I have learned in WeAll.

Nursing can be defined as both an art and a science to take care of the patients' daily need and to keep the patients happy the heart is needed whereas on the side of medical care mind is needed to make the proper choices of diagnosis for the patients. They are the first person in contact who is available for any kind of query regarding the health of the particular and are easily accessible. There are varied responsibilities of the nurses from monitoring the patient to making certain medical decisions which often is ignored by the person ("What is Nursing & What do nurses do? | ANA Enterprise", 2019).

Teaching in the field of nursing is really important for it is the only way through which the technicalities of this profession are passed on to the other generation. They are the one who is the patient's educators and guide them for healthy behavior and help the patient in the time of need. These are all the things that a person learns through the process of teaching. Scholarship in nursing means those activities that help grow and flourish the learning and teaching activity of the nursing. Along with it gives insights into the research and practice of nursing by going through a good amount of inquiry.

There are four major domains of nursing that are nurse, person, health, and environment. The first domain is "nurse", which means taking care of the patients who are sick and cannot look after themselves. It is the duty of the nurse to have a proper look of every need of the patient. An example is looking after the medication of the patient. Second is "person", which means that they need to have emotion while they are doing their duty. An example is being emotional support for the patient and encouraging them. The third is the most important domain for the whole system of nursing has been created to look after the health of the person. Therefore, taking the utmost care of the health of the patient is one of the most important domains of nursing. Example, the nurse should know which is the medication the particular patient is taking. Fourth, making the environment lively and peaceful is the duty of the nurses.


Each and every domain of nursing are connected to each other for improving the health of the patients need total nursing and proper medication with utmost care. The future of the nurse is good for it is nurses who are needed more than a doctor in any health institutions. As a nurse, the challenge is having a proper interpersonal skill with patients and sometimes with their family which might create confusion. As a professional goal, I want to be a head nurse and help as many people as I can.

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