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Public Health Emergency Assignment Help

Public Health Preparedness Contains unread posts Select an incident within the past ten to twenty years that created a public health emergency. This can be an act of nature, a weather incident, an industrial accident, a terrorist act, an emerging disease, or other cause. Describe the response. What went right? What worked less than optimally? What agencies and organizations participated? Who was "in charge"? Based on what you have learned, how would you assess the nation's preparedness posture? What would you recommend?

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A situation is declared as a public health emergency when a government or the health department has to take precautionary steps when they access a situation of the public health emergency). It is an emergency and recurrent situation due to bioterrorism or emergency declare for the epidemic or pandemic disease. This is an act of a novel that helps in reducing the fatal infectious along with the biological toxin.

With respect to recent incident past ten to twenty years, there have been public emergency health issues created for the Zika virus, which was widely spreading in South East Asia.

The disease was widely spreading and took millions of lives. To establish an outbreak, the various teams of scientists, research people, and leading epidemiologists work with each other to determine the causes, factors and even to notify CDC to declare a public health emergency (Solman, 2017). Public notice is issued, which establishes that there has been a widespread disease and immigrants or travelers traveling from the affected place are temporary put under the scanner or stopped. The situation was correctly diagnosed by banning travelers from certain places lead to precautionary measures to widespread to other places. This also further alerted WHO declared it to control the widespread disease.

The Zika spread due to the Aedes mosquitoes which transmit disease by biting during the day. Symptoms last 2-7 days and lead to death due to the fever, rash along with conjunctivitis, muscle, and joint pain causing malaise or headache (Trybou, 2015).

The various governments collaborated and a nationwide emergency was declared in the South East Asia, where the warnings were issued for the safety of public health such as men to be abstained to have sex without a condom and even banning travelers from the affected area

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