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Project Proposal Assignment Help

Many staff in the airline service end feel they are overtaxed while others seem to have little to do. Divide up key airline staffing roles among your small group, choosing one role per person from among the following: cleaning crew, ramp agents, provisioning agents, reservation sales agents, customer service agents, pilots, and mechanics.

Individual Portion

The individual portion of this project is for each staff representative to write a 2-4 page proposal that would meet the need for service productivity and greater operational success for their specific role. Consider changes or strategies specific to the job in job requirements, training, staffing, and job design. Use the Library for ideas in the airline industry and beyond to consider job significance, job identity, autonomy, staffing, feedback, job rotation, enrichment, employee empowerment, job enlargement. Explain what cautions, methods, or requirements are needed for any proposed changes to meet ethical and legal standards for managing employees

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The purpose of the report is to present a proposal stating strategies and changes that can be implemented in the services provided by the customer service agents of airlines to their customers. The proposal specifies cautions along with the methods that are needed to be included to make the proposed changes in order to meet the legal as well as ethical standards for employee management.


The changes in strategies and methods are required in order to increase the efficiency of the employees of the Going Inc. Airlines as the company is losing its business over the last 20 months. The employees are experiencing overtaxing compared to others. The company needs to control and maintain a relationship with their employees and ensure them with the fact that the employees are not overtaxed.


Going Inc is a company providing service in airlines. The mission statement of the company is to become a successful service provider in the airline transport industry specialized for the business traveler. The company uses a marketing slogan "High society in the air". The management team of the Gong Inc Airlines observed that the company is losing its business in the most regular service operation over the last 20 months. The sectors are identified that are influencing the decrease in business. The sectors include on-time delivery, overall customer service and baggage handling.

Changes and strategies required

The company Going Inc airlines provide 71.6% on time delivery on an average compared to the entire industry that has an average of 83.91 %. The identified sector that can influence the customer to travel in the flights of Going Inc is the customer services agents. The management team can set up a team of recruiters who will check the performance of the currently employed staff and make recruitment based on the requirements of new staff. The management team can redesign the job design and train the employees accordingly in order to provide maximum customer satisfaction (Chen, 2017). The strategy for quality management needs to be modified as the existing strategy provided average customer satisfaction. The strategy should be modified to receive maximum customer satisfaction. The company only aims at the frequent flyers of big budget. The business organization seeks to top the other airlines in the first along with business class services. The company only has programs for the target customers, those travelling in business class and first class. The company can ensure the customer service agents have maximum convincing ability and are promptly able to attract the high profile travelers to travel in their flight.

The Going Inc Airlines have a stable human resources and job design strategy. However, the company lacks relationship with the workers union. The company has a dispute with its workers regarding the minimal pay and hiring over the last 3 years. The management team has observed that the employees are aware about the fact that they are not up to date and lack proper training that influences the travelers in traveling less (Hussain, Al Nasser & Hussain, 2015). The higher authorities of Going Inc need to look into matters related to the minimal pay. The customer services agents can be influenced into working more efficiently by providing them with proper pay and time to time incentive. The management team needs to plan strategies that include ensuring competitive working environment and bring out the best within the employees. The proper time to time training is very important as the technology along with the interest of the flyers are changing every day. The customer service agents should be up to date to the needs of travelers in order to convince them to use the flights of Going Inc Airlines.

Cautions, methods and requirements

The Going Inc Airline Company needs to follow some caution measures to implement the changes in the strategies properly. The management team of the business organization need to ensure that the training provided to the employees are appropriate and the employees newly recruited are eligible along with being trustworthy (Gera et al., 2017). The matter related to minimal pay needs to be handled with care as the country in which the company is functioning has their minimum wage law. The company must not have issues with the government of the host country to avoid any disturbance. The company needs to establish a healthy relation with the employee union and work with them to meet the mission of the Going Inc Airline Company.

The method to change the strategy related to training include having a constant monitoring of the employees and having a report of the performance of the employees on a regular basis. The training should be aimed at to increase the knowledge of the employees and increase their ability to convince the travelers to travel in flights of Going Inc Airlines (Koklic, Kukar-Kinney & Vegelj, 2017). The management team can follow the traditional method of increasing efficiency of the employees by providing them rewards in terms of increase in salary pay or any other method. The company can arrange refreshment parties to lighten up the working environment and motivate the employees to give their best.

The requirements for changing the strategies include arranging for sport items, entertainment sources that can be used as refreshment for the employees. The company can install cameras systems that will keep a constant eye on the employees and monitor their performance (Chen, 2017). The company can appoint an accountant who will ensure that the employees are receiving pay according to the minimum wage law of the host country and help the company to avoid all legal issues. The Going Airlines can change the system used by the customer service agents and provide them with system having latest technologies.


The Going Inc Airline Company needs to change the existing strategy in order to receive maximum working efficiency from the customer service agents who are the main key to attract the travelers. The cautions, methods and requirements specified in the proposal can be followed to increase the working ability of the customer service agents. accepts instant and short deadlines order for Project Proposal Assignment Help solution – order today for excellence!

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