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Cultural Artifact Project Assignment Help

Brief description of the culture(s) in which you were raised. Include descriptions of your family culture, your ethnic and/or religious cultures, and any other cultural influences that have formed the unique individual you are.

A brief description of the current culture(s) you belong to. How are these cultures different from those in which you were raised? You should use the object/photograph you choose for this assignment to explore the forms and meanings of cultures in your own life; the cultural influences that have formed you; what you have learned about cultural diversity and the diverse cultural influences that have helped to shape who you are..

Finally, use what you see in the photograph as a way to summarize the dominant values or beliefs that are a part of your personal world-view as a result of cultural influences that have formed you.

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Cultural artifact is considered to be the terms that are mostly used in social studies, mainly in the anthropology, the ethnology as well as the sociology. This is mainly created by the human that provides information about the culture from where the humans are belonging from. The culture which is mainly focused on is the Aboriginal people who are present within the world for last thousand years. Therefore, this study sheds light on the importance of the culture, the current culture as well as the belief of the culture from which the people are belonging from.

Description of the culture

The Aborigine culture is considered to be different types of indigenous people who are living within Australia. It has been found that most of the distinct people are living in Australia for more than 50,000 years. The people of this culture are mostly having a complex as well as genetic history. In the last 2 year the people of Aboriginal culture have started to identify themselves within a single group. As commented by Price & Rogers (2019), the people of this community have defined themselves as the Aboriginal people who are also changed with the times as well as the place.

The changes mostly took place due to the importance of the family lineage, identifying them as well as acceptance. The Aboriginal people are considered to be the vibrant of all, rich in culture as well as the oldest culture existing in the world. The specific population of this Aboriginal people in the Western Australia is around 3.9 % (, 2016). The Aboriginal people are mostly living within small as well as offshore islands. The Aboriginal people are also living with the large section of the continental selves and they are mostly isolated from any other culture.

Description of the current culture

Most of the Aboriginal people have moved themselves to the modern Aborigine culture. After the migration of the Aboriginal people in Australia they have mostly established unique civilization. Most of the Aboriginal people were hunters as well as gatherers and now they have become farmers. As opined by Grof (2019), in today's they are developing their own tribal clans as well as groups. Due to division of Aboriginal people into different groups, now Australia is having various other subcultures as well as the different other Aborigine cultures. The different other subcultures as well as Aborigine culture is named as Torres, Koorie, Pintubi and Yolgnu.

In the present world, the Aboriginal people are not confined to only one language or group but they are also having house, going to schools as well as getting associated with other communities. It has also been observed a very low amount of Aboriginal people are associated with driving cars, linked with the politics of the country and involved within the sports activities. Now, in the present world, it is evident that most of the Aboriginal people are also using Smartphone, getting access to the internet, operating the computers as well as playing video games. As commented by Webb & Williams (2018), many of the Aboriginal believe in the religion which is known as Dreaming. Therefore, with the changing world the Aboriginal people are making their own groups and providing a proper identification to the people of other communities. They are changing with the changing world and getting access to all types of facilities which are recently available.


Untitled picture.png

Dominant value and belief of the culture

The Australian Aboriginal culture is mostly based on the understanding of the people within the communities which integrate the spiritual of the materials as well as focuses on the relationship between the people. As commented by Kowal, Greenwood & McWhirter (2015), the Aboriginal people are different from the other Torres Strait Islanders which exists within Australia. The Aborigines are mostly having separate history, origins as well as methods of lives.

The Aboriginal people are mainly giving importance to their child who needs to learn about their families, histories, the living environments, their spirits, the ancestors as well as their properties. As per Payne (2018), the relationships within the Aboriginal people are mainly defining the identification of their children and their connection to its culture. All the Aboriginal people are deeply as well as spiritually connected to their lands. The Aboriginal children are not only building a strong relationship with their people but also with their environments. They are mostly living with the laws which were created by their ancestors and they are also considering land and religion as their most important tradition as well as beliefs.


It can be concluded that the Australian Aboriginal people are having different culture as well as religious as compared to the other communities which exists. These people are living in Australia for a longer period of time and they are having most complex history. They are considering their land and religion as the most important aspect in their culture. It can also be concluded that the Aboriginal people have started to provide their proper identification within the community in Australia. Most recently, the Aboriginal people are linked with all the modern activities that are going on within the community. They are associated with driving cars, getting access to proper education, involved with politics as well as different sports activities. Some of these people are also living within the modern society as well as successful in getting access to all kinds of modern gadgets.

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