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Responsibilities and Duties of Nurse Assignment

- HelpIn the context of this case, provide a statement of individual accountability in clinical practice and how it relates to the professional codes and standards of practice for advanced practice nurses or nurse practitioners.

- Describe how the episodes of misconduct (deliberate actions that constitute a lack of accountability) in this case, might have been prevented or addressed in the context of collegial accountability.

- Describe the responsibilities of health facilities and implications for organisational tolerance of shifts in practice across safety boundaries (organisational accountability) and appropriate organisational responses in the event of professional misconduct in the context of the case provided.

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Case study discussion

In the given case study it has been mentioned that Ms Morey was misusing the drugs and she is not performing her duty properly. As per the views of Wang (2016), in the year 2014 APRHA has received a complaint on behalf of Morey. After few days it has been observed that due to huge number of complaints, the lady committed suicide; she used drugs which she has obtained from the hospital when she was a employees of the care home. She has become a drug addict and this is the reason behind her suicide attempt. In the case study it was mentioned that the police officers have found huge quantity of drugs from her home while investigating.

Misconduct by Ms Morey

This action of Morey resulted in huge loss of the lady because the medical board has decided to take action against her as she has misused the resources of the hospital. In the year 2014 it was ordered by the board members she will be not considered as a staff member of the care home. Her name was removed from the board because she did not renew her registration. As commented by Franklin (2013), individual accountability refers to gaining knowledge and skills in order to increase the growth of the nursing profession. In the case study it was mentioned that Morey was charged for stealing the drugs from the hospital and in the year 2015 she was requested to pay a sum of $500 due to violation of rules and regulations (Grealish, 2015).

Tribunal decision

The Tribunal decisions are based on the concerns and complaints linked with the codes and conducts of the nurse practitioner. As stated by Satchell et al. (2016), the performance and behavior of the medical practitioners are investigated by the higher authority according to Tribunal decisions. Health Practitioner Regulation National law established by the government plays a crucial role in regulating the operations and function of the care home. The law used in the case study help to regulate the health practitioners and it involves registration under the profession of clinical profession. The main objective behind this law is to provide safety and protection by providing proper training to the nurse and health care practitioners. It also helps to facilitate and will increase flexibility and mobility. It will help to minimize the burden from the health care practitioners by adopting effective practice for them. As commented by Chiarella et al. (2018), it will enable to provide quality medical facilities to the community members and public.

Individual accountability

In the case study individual accountability is not maintained by lady and it lead to unprofessional and unsatisfactory conducts. As per the views of Padgett (2013), it is the responsibility of adult nurse to provide proper guidance and support to the public. However, in the case study it has been discussed that her actions result in professional misconduct. It refers to violation and breach of professional as well as ethical conduct; that is the lady has violated the rules and regulation of the care home. It has been examined that abusing the relationship between care users and care providers. Professional misconduct refers to adoption of non-ethical behavior which is affecting the care home and care uses in negative way. Individual accountability is of utmost importance for every profession because in every sector various roles and responsibilities are offered to staff members and when an individual take his or her own responsibility; it depict that that person is accountable for his work. It has been evaluated that the government is accountable for accomplishing effective decision on the basis of laws and regulations. It helps to ensure whether the staff members of particular organization are obeying the laws properly or not and impact the behavior and actions of those individuals. As per the views of Duthie (2018), it is important to follow ethics in an organization for monitoring and regulating the whole processes in health care sector. Ethical principles should be maintained within a workplace because it is based on the productivity of the organization. It is essential to take effective action in order to prevent the future consequences in the health care home. Individual accountability is crucial for the nurses to enhance their duty and to provide effective care to all the care users. It is important for the adult nurse to take care of all the users by maintain ethics in the heath care sector.

History of Ms Morey

In the given case study it has been mentioned that on 2014, Ms Morey was stolen 15 ampoules of 200mg which is restricted type drug without the permission of higher authority. It was reported by the hospital in charge that Ms Morey was involved in misconduct and violated the laws and regulations of the hospital. As stated by Shanta and Eliason (2014), stealing medicines without prescription is a medical offence for the practitioners of the hospital. It has been analyzed that collegial accountability resulted in violation of the health care laws as sometimes due to the action of other practitioner, the care users struggle on a large scale. It was depicted that the lady used to show fake prescription in the medical store to obtain drugs such as Oxazepam 30mg.

National law

It can be concluded that according to the National Law it can be stated that Ms Morey was committed in professional misconduct. As a nurse this activity has proved that she has breached the laws and regulations of health care. In the case study it has been observed that her actions were against the ethical laws and regulations. It has been observed by the board members of hospital that she attempted suicide due to her actions that is violation of National laws and orders. As per the views of Drach, Zahavy, Leonenko & Srulovici (2018), as a professional nurse it is mandatory for them to respect the care users and to provide quality treatment to them in order to enhance and promote the health condition.

Organizational accountability

Organizational accountability is essential to adopt in every sector because it helps the members of the hospital to promote the health care facilities in order to accomplish the mission and vision of the organization (Shafii et al. 2018). This process is crucial to determine the practice of the professional and to follow the medical codes of conduct. It has been evaluated that any practitioner who have misused the services and violated the policies are eliminated from the community of board members. It has been analyzed that due to the misuse of drugs and medicines can lead to affect the whole care home services. It will result in negative response from the care users as due to violation of ethical practices resulted in violation of Nation health care laws. As commented by Williams (2019), it is important for the medical practitioners to follow the regulations established by the national commission board of health care in order to minimize the consequences faced by Ms Morey as a Nurse. It was mentioned in the case study that the main motive of disciplinary action is not to punish the care provider instead to provide safety to the public and to promote their health care.

Knowledge on collegial accountability

In the study the case of Ms Morey is discussed in order to gain knowledge about individual accountability, collegial accountability and organizational accountability. The concept of collegial accountability is also discussed in this study which involves sharing of responsibilities in order to increase one's responsibility in nursing domain. As a professional nurse, she was violated the medical laws and regulations which result in huge complexities. In the study it was concluded that due to violation of national laws and stealing drugs from the hospital without permission lead to increase her problems. It was of utmost importance to follow the laws and regulations in order to raise effectiveness in health and social care practice.

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