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MGT600 Management, People and Teams Assignment Help

a) Critically assess the key principles and theories underlying strategic people management and explain how their application enhances organisational and individual performance.

b) Critically evaluate the effectiveness of different approaches and the relationships between effective people management andorganisational performance.

c) Demonstrate effective communication and practical problem-solving skills to effectively manage people in a range of organisational contexts

d) Critically reflect on the roles and functions that managers perform in the context of the challenges and risks they have to address in the changing environment.

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An organisation is built up of various tools and considerations which gets aligned and frames up a scenario where a group of people could work for achieving a common objective. An organisation gets built up through joint efforts and common intentions which demands to be managed and channelized through taking up multiple technical strategies and models. The bigger the organisation is, the more difficult it becomes to manage the employees and the workings of the organisation. Multiple theories and models has been framed up through gaining practical knowledge and studying human behaviour. The theories and models has helped in framing up the strategies of management and leadership in a way which would help in adding on to the productivity of the organisation and enhancing the workings of the employees (Ashkanasy et al. 2016). The environment that prevails in the organisation, is one of the vital factors which impacts the employee satisfaction and commitment of the employees. These two criteria provides an organisation to be a feasible place of work where the productivity and the commitment of the employees gets a hike and thus issues like employee retention, low employee engagement, unsatisfied employees, etc. The organisation culture is another factor which frames up the environment and thus, the stated factors gets impacted by it too. For framing up a product be and acceptable environment in an organisation, it is required to channelize the workings and the leadership and management qualities needs to be enhanced well. ComSyst Technologies has been one of the organisation which has been facing issues in the employee's commitment, due to which the issue like employee retention, low engagement of employees, job satisfaction, etc (BADI, 2018). These issues of the concerned company are not limited to the stated company, but is observed in multiple other companies too. The aim of the report is to provide Comsyst Technologies with some effective solutions which would enhance its employee performance, attract new talent and strengthens its team work.


The concerned company that is Comsyst Technologies is a multinational communication software company which develops systems for serving the defence and other emergency service industries. The company was funded in the year 2008 by multiple engineers who were well equipped with technical education on the same. The engineers had technical knowledge in electrical engineering. The company is spread in the countries like Australia, United States, South Korea and India. In the recent past, the company has been losing its value in the market due to the loss of two to three tenders. The quality of services and the products offered by the company has been deteriorating which has been impacting the company's share value and its market value, which has been the serious concern (Baker & Saren, 2016). CST has been facing multiple issues such as the poor employee performances, low employee engagement, decline of employee retention, and resignations from some specialists. These issues needs to be checked on an emergency basis in order to gain back the position of the company. The main objectives that needs to be achieved by the company is to gain some productive employees, strengthened its team work, and enhance its employee's performance (Bratton & Gol, 2017). These three objectives needs to be achieved through taking on some productive and effective solutions.


Employee Retention is one of the vital aspects of an organisation and it needs to be planned and organised in a manner that the organisation employees gets committed and the loyalty of the employees gets a hike. Retaining the employees in an organisation needs to be acknowledged through understanding the requirements of the employees and the perks which would help in attracting their interests. The actions or decisions which could help in retaining the employees could be motivational aspects, improvisation in employment legislation, adding on to the benefits that the employees could enjoy and enhance their performances. Thus employee retention steps could lead to the solution of the other issue of organisation that is employee's performance. The promotional activities could provide a new outlook to the organisation and it would act as an accelerator for the employees (Consyst Technologies, 2019). Employee's commitment gets charged up when the employees get some productive outcome from their jobs and this leads to the employee capability and performance enhancement which has a repercussion effect on the organisation's wellbeing. It was reported by Work Institute that about 42 million employees would leave their jobs in the year 2018. It was also stated that the employers could reduce the number by about 77% if some effective tools and techniques would have been utilised by them. Comsyst technologies carries the following objectives to be achieved which could be tested through exploring various other companies which has been experiencing such issues and the solutions that they have taken up would provide an example to Comsyst technologies.

i. Ensure CST is well positioned for the future by attracting and retaining the best talent possible

As has been stated by Cornelissen et al. (2015), that an organisation is known through its employees and the way its employees behave or react is a reflection of the organisation environment. Organisation environment and culture are two most vital aspects for attracting new talents and retaining the best employees. Employee retention has been growing as a major problem in the world and this issue of retention needs to be catered through enhancing the environment and culture of the organisation. Issue of Employee retention has been acknowledged to be the consequence of the friction that the employees face with their seniors or higher authorities. Another most vital reason for this issue is the low job satisfaction, which leads giving up of jobs. Tesco has been one of the companies which had faced this issue quite closely but the company has not been afraid of t and took up multiple effective steps in order to stabilise the employee's mind set. Unilever, Starbucks has been the companies which has been providing its employees with some beneficial and comfort zones which resulted in stabilised working environment in the company and thus attracting new talent too. The motivational theories, performance appraisal strategies and various other tools has been providing the company's with some fruitful results. It is rightly marked by Dwianto et al. (2019), that the history of the company represents the future of the company. The applicants assess the company on the basis of its historical records and the prediction of the future records it would make, this builds up the attraction of the new talent. Thus, the companies need to sustain its smooth and productive working environment and the culture should be wide in nature. It is also advised that the companies should update its working culture, along with the technicalities in order to attract new and fresh talent.

ii. Create a team based high performance culture

An organisation is build-up of the various teams and the teams are built up of the employees, this chain needs to be enhanced and checked at regular intervals in order to keep it productive and fruitful. A leader leads the team and manages the team members through understanding the capabilities and the drawbacks of each member which is the necessity of a strong team. Framing up a strong and productive team needs leadership traits and management qualities. The leader is the path finder of the team and thus, in order to channelize the team towards the common goal through equal contribution of each member needs some specific considerations (Eves, 2017). The various leadership theories and traits has been acknowledged and stated by many authors along with its pros and cons which needs to be assessed and the best suitable theory could be applied. The contingency theory, great man theories, trait theories, situational theories, participative theories, relationship theories and many others are there which helps in reaching to the desired goals. The kind of leadership gets followed in the organisation, is reflected through their employees attitude and their productivity. Management needs to be done in a balanced way so that the employees are satisfied with the job and the employers get productive results. The biggest issue in leading the team or managing the team is the lack of communication which creates all the other issues (Geisler & Wickramasinghe, 2015). Communication has to be effective and productive, which makes the issues sorted out and thus, the smooth working culture builds up. Apple Inc. has been one of the companies which faced the issue of, management and leadership and this impacted the company's overall sale and productivity. The concerned company took up some effective strategies and theories which provided the company with effective results.

iii. Build Employee capability and performance

An employee adds onto the productivity of the organisation with an intention of gaining some additional qualities and knowledge through the experience of working in the organisation. The employees expectations requires to be met by the organisation through taking up the performance appraisal strategies and taking up programs which wold enhance the employees capabilities. The employee's works as per his capabilities and his performance is marked as the criteria for his future position or designation in the company. The capability of the employee needs t align with his performance and this gives the employees the maximum satisfaction and justification to his capabilities (Gond et al. 2016). The organisations need to provide the employees with work on the basis of their capabilities and then the assessment of their performance should be made. There are many cases where the employee's capabilities are not utilised to the optimum and thus, employment dis-satisfaction exists. The capability of the employee needs to be checked and on that basis the organisation should provide them with the facilities and authorities, where the employee's productivity could be judged on fair grounds. For enhancing the capabilities of the employees, various programs and training sessions could be organised which would provide the employees with the platform where they could acknowledge their selves and thus, the required steps could be taken. The performance of the employees should be the criteria for their promotions and other facilities which would provide the employees with a motivation to work hard and be committed to the organisation (Heding et al. 2015). Performance appraisal could provide the employees with additional motivation and even those who has not been appraised, would get motivated for achieving it.


On assessing the employment requirements and the various ways through which the companies or the organisations could add on to its productivity and other requirements, multiple aspects has been achieved. Concerning Comsyst Technologies whose market position and value has been falling in the last two years due to the failing tenders to its competitors, objectives could be achieved through taking up some productive and effective suggestions. The concerned company has been aiming to achieve the following objectives which would help in gaining back its position and value in the market. Few recommendations has been acknowledged through the exploration which has been framed on understanding the requirement of the company as well as the environment of the concerned company (Hill et al. 2014). The cultural aspect of the organisation has also been considered while providing the recommendations. Thus, the recommendations has been framed through understanding the external as well as internal impact of the solutions.

i. Ensure CST is well positioned for the future by attracting and retaining the best talent possible

In order to ensure well positioned for future through attracting and retaining the best talent, the Comsyst technologies is recommended to provide its existing employees with some additional benefits and perks which would add on to their satisfaction. The company could even follow the steps of Starbucks and Unilever which has been providing its employees with additional benefits of being updated to the latest technologies and some personal facilities (Khan et al. 2018). The company could update its employment legislation and this would help in maintaining the employment retention and thus, the sustaining employees would attract the new fresh talents.

ii. Create a team based high performance culture

The second recommendation for achieving the second objective of Comsyst technologies is that in order to enhance the employee performance culture, the company requires to take up some motivational theories and apply it in the company. The Herzberg's Two Factor Theory and other motivational theories could be applied as this would help the employees in achieving high satisfaction level and thus, this would be reflected in their productivity. Productivity and the satisfaction of employees have positive relation and this needs to be exploited by the concerned organisation (Kipping & Üsdiken, 2014). The high performance culture could also be enhanced through taking up the practice of performance appraisal. The incentives and the additional benefits would add on to the commitment of the employees and thus he increased loyalty rate would contribute to the productivity of each employee.

iii. Build Employee capability and performance

On acknowledging the issue Comsyst technologies it has been concluded that the main issue of the company has been the inability of understanding the employee's capabilities and thus, it impacted their performances. The issue of employee retention, resignations of specialists, job satisfaction and these all has been linked to the issue of employee capability. The recommendation for mitigating the impact of such issue is that the company needs to rake up some motivational theories along with t the strict implication of performance appraisal should be done. The change in the leadership theory should also be considered as this would provide the company with productive and performing employees (Mahadevan, 2015). The capabilities of the employees needs to be understood by their leaders and this could be done through implying the behavioural and situational leadership theories. The application of these two theories should be followed by the performance appraisal technique and thus, the capability would automatically be increased through enhancing the working environment and culture.

The recommendations are quite effective as the suggestions has been made through regressive analysis of all the tools and techniques. It is required that the recommendations be checked with the four important aspects which plays a vital role in the framing up of an organisation. The justification through these four factors would make the recommendation much more feasible and justified.

Social: The recommendations provide the concerned company with an opportunity to serve the society with more enhanced products and services (Mir & Mufeed, 2016). The social aspect of recommendations are justified as the employees of the organisation frames up the society and being satisfied employees that would channelize the future development of the society too.

Financial: The Company has been losing its position and value in the market for last two years, this has impacted the company financially too. Though the recommendations made, may add on to the cost of the company, but on acknowledging the long term returns, the return to the company would be much higher (Nofitri & Salendu, 2017).

Political: If the company enhances its productivity and other skills, then it could gain political support too which would help it in gaining the market position. The recommendations do not convey any political aspect but, on its application, the political support could be gathered for the same.

Environmental: The recommendations has been quite practical in nature and the environment would not be deteriorated or impacted in any way. The enhancement of the employee's productivity and their retention would add n to the output of the company and thus, this would enhance the environment of the company (Pantiyasa & Michelle, 2017). The external environment would not be impacted in any way and thus, the recommendations are environment friendly, both internally and externally.


On exploring the various aspects of the employment and the factors which impacts the productivity and the behaviour of the employees has been quire informative. The Comsyst technologies has been facing multiple issues due to which it has been losing its position in the market, the application of the provided recommendations could actually be productive for the company. The acknowledgement of the various tools and techniques which could be taken up by the organisations in order to control its employment retention, employees productivity, resignation of specialist and other issues. The organisation needs to be updated and should take up its employees quite sensitively, which provides the company with loyal and committed employees. In order to gain the employees commitment, the company needs to provide them with some incentives and perks which adds on to their willingness to work for the company. The environment and the culture of the organisation is also a major factor which satisfies the employees. The environment needs to be built through application of various motivational and leadership theories which enhances the culture too.

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