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Potential Topics Related To Healthcare Management Assignment Help

1.     What specifically about this topic are you interested in researching?

2.     Why are you interested in this particular topic?

3.     What would you hope to learn if you chose this topic for your dissertation?

4.     Why would studying this topic be important in your field of study (i.e., significance)?

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Topic 1

Ramifications on enhancing the number of urgent care clinics

The thesis demonstrates that in the current trend, patients use urgent care services from retail stores instead of visiting the primary care offices (Palms et al., 2018). This factor influences explicitly an individual to research on this chosen topic.

The topic is chosen for identifying the reason for the shifting nature of patient from primary care clinics to urgent care services. The subject demonstrates the misleading of preventive measures by urgent care, and it also increases the interest to research on this topic (Palms et al., 2018).

After reviewing this topic, I can learn the failure of primary care practices in attracting the patients towards their healthcare system.

The studying of the topic is significant because it helps me to understand the way of improving the services of primary care offices in the healthcare systems so that patient can do their treatment in this centre instead of going to urgent care clinics.

Topic 2

Dealing with the crisis of Opioids

The way by which modern medicine uses in pharmacology increases the opioid crisis is the primary aspect that increases the interest to research on this topic (Hart and Hart, 2019).

The role of over-prescribed medications by the physicians that enhances opioid crisis is the central interest of choosing this topic (Hart and Hart, 2019).

If I choose this topic as my dissertation project, I can learn the needs of healthcare management that influence them to innovate effective program and policies for reducing the crisis of opioid among people.

By studying this topic, I can understand the drug-seeking behavior of the medicine so that in future, I can avoid this drug and make an effective healthcare management system for the centre.

Topic 3

Telemedicine changes in the healthcare administration

With the advancement of technologytelemedicine are changed as per the patient healthcare problems, and this is the fact that enhances the interest in researching the topic (Berkhof et al., 2015).

The reason for changing telemedicine in a rapidly growing rate has grabbed my attention to research on this particular topic.

After incorporating this particular topic in the dissertation, I can learn the healthcare management standards and protocols that should be needed for changing the telemedicine in growing rate. I can also develop the way by which healthcare management can influence the patient experience in their healthcare centre.

The topic is essential to understand the role of healthcare management in changing telemedicine in the administration aspect of the centre (Berkhof et al., 2015).

Topic 4

Privacy and safety regulation compliance

The methods used by the healthcare management for increasing the privacy and safety of the patient is the particular area of researching on this topic (Lundgren and McMakin, 2018).

I have interested in this topic only to understand the remedies taken for providing process planning, managing legal issues and risk management procedure by the healthcare management.

If this particular topic is included in my dissertation work, I can learn the lawsuits, violations rules and vulnerable activity that can create privacy and safety issues in the healthcare system.

In my field of study, the topic is significant because it helps to design my own healthcare policies of compliance that can influence me to reduce the privacy as well as safety regulation compliance of patients occurring in the healthcare centre.

Topic 5

Methods of enhancing preventive care

The procedure of enhancing preventive care measures is the specific aspect that shows interest in researching this topic (Stanhope and Lancaster, 2015).

The ways by which the healthcare management can improve the preventive measures of the patient is the primary function that grabs my attention towards this topic (Stanhope and Lancaster, 2015).

From this topic, I can learn the issue of providing preventive care and the procedures of enhancing the healthcare management system of preventive measures.

By studying this topic, I can improve my healthcare management skills, which help me to provide preventive care with affordable monitoring and medication in future.

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