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CIST 2611 Network Defense & Countermeasures

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After learning this CIST 2611 Network Defense & Countermeasures course, students will be able to define network security and evaluate system security. They will also explain the different types of system attacks, their attractiveness to attacks, the nature of information, and the level of security. Besides, they will be able to apply the knowledge they have gained to scan a system for vulnerabilities by auditing policies, checking the firewall logs, and matching patches. Also, the student will be in an excellent position to assess overall security operations and policies using different tools, including NetCop, NetBrute, Cerberus, among many others.

They will learn security documentation, physical security documentation, policy and personnel documentation, network protection documents. They will also be taught physical security and how to use different security protocols. Finally, students will be in an excellent position to undertake different projects on network security defense. 

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