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Please to write a literature review of 5-7 pages in length, excluding cover page and reference list, incorporating transcendant leadership related to managing multi-generations in the current workforce and the challenges they present.

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In today's organisations, there are fewer boundaries and have a dynamic and diverse cross-cultural talent that provides a landscape for the employees to work in different zones of time so that they can meet the requirement of the business.  In the case of the turbulent condition of the company, a crisis in the leadership occurs that subsequently results in the organisational crisis. This is the time when the companies look out for the business leaders so that they can take the necessary initiative and help the company to survive the crisis. There are three types of leadership styles that are adopted by the leaders within the organisation, the transactional, transcendental and transformational leadership. 

Concept of Transcendent Leadership

Transcendent leadership is a process of forming the leadership style in such a way that focused on the self-position relates other improvements as well and most importantly upgrade the position of the organization. The basic understanding in this style is to motivate people for the spiritual or devotional senses. The leadership makes values, behaviours and attitude. The process of inter-connection, in this case, is important and that makes a visionary process to encourage employees' value and position of the company (Sayadi, Habibi and Savabeih 2016). The process is made up by the leader, who influences the employees to work hard or improve their skills for the development of the organization. Through this leadership process, leader practices altruistic love for employees as well as harmony, on the other hand, leader makes a powerful and accomplish decision for own position. The leader always aware of divinity in and around the organisation and also understand the upcoming presence of it. The alignment and spiritual awareness is also there and that makes the harmony stronger. Acceptance, Reverence, Presence, Courage, and Gratitude are the best part of a transcendent leader. The leader needs to know the basic multidimensional awareness and impact of these values to their employees, to control over them. 

Six major elements of a Transcendental 

There are some elements that a transcendental leader should have to follow for leading in a transcendent way. Acceptance, Reverence, Presence, Courage, Gratitude and Highest Good these six are the major elements of the Transcendent leadership process.

In the case of Acceptance, the leader has to accept the diverse people who have different values altogether. The leader cannot level a person right or wrong rather the leader has to accept all form of values to get rid of cultural conflicts ( 2017). The leader also guides the low-value person in a proper way so that the person gained some value to match others.

Reverence is associated with stakeholders and leaders. The stakeholder in that case maybe their employees, maybe managers and other subordinates. Deep restoration of self-realisation or deep consciousness of inter-connectedness is the key understanding of this leadership process. 

On the other hand, presence requires discipline. The leader has to develop the market of the organisation through strategic improvement and good relation with stakeholders. In such cases, here are some undesired concerns that leader has to face and through patience the leader has to deal with that. There are some pressure situations as well but the unconditional positive regards are the primary boost for the leader.

Conviction in hearth of the leader makes him courageous. Courage is important to judge as the leader has to experience and identify the right thing for the organisation ( 2017). The subsequent learning process helps that issue in some time but the courage and quick decision-making ability make it bets suitable approach for the organisation.

Gratitude extends the past positivism thinking and increases the compassion, energy and optimism in the organisation. Grace is something that the leader applies for self and others and that makes way for wisdom and appreciation.

The highest good is the best practise that highly beneficial for the organisation and the build own place in the organisation at the same time ( 2017). The supply chain, management, community build up and comparative extent of the organisation is depending on the traditional belief that perhaps pursued by this practice.

Transcendent leadership manages multi-generations in the current workforce challenges they present

In large multi-generations organisations, the Gen Z mainly listens to the negative stereotypes about other generations. In addition, Baby Boomers sometimes do not know the use of modern technologies and the Gen X generations try to get ahead of the Millennial. The Gen Z generation demands that the Millennials are lazy. According to Heaton (2016), different generations within the workplace have different working styles and the employees divide themselves among the groups. Another big problem within the multi-generational workplace is that the employees face issue in communicating with others. Major large organisations are now adapting to enterprise software systems and transcendent leaders always message and communicate the employees in a way which the employees prefer. 

Transcendent leaders know their duty and they always ask the team members to work for the organisations and for the other colleagues as well. Transcendent leaders try to build teams which blend different age groups and the leaders need different and unique skills for the project. The transcendent leaders provide perks for all the ages and the leaders ask the management to provide incentives and perks based on the experience and the working skill of the employees. In addition, as stated by Tehubijuluw (2014), transcendent leaders ask the employees to work in a project following the same work tool as it helps the employees and the managers to be in the same platform and all the updates get cleared on time. 

The transcendent leaders help the employees not to lose their hopes in the difficult time in the workplace and the leaders provide services to the employees with good spirit. The leaders understand the needs of the employees so that the employees can serve the organisations. According to Tehubijuluw (2014), servant leadership style inspired the transcendent leadership and it offers the pathway towards the global sustainability in business. The authors further stated that transcendent leaders are altogether inclusive and consensual decision making process for the economic, social, and environmental sectors. The concept of transcendent leadership is based on the concept of shared governance and the transcendent leaders share the power with the employees and the subordinates. Transcendent leadership provides the benefits of having the better organisational performance and competitive advantage. Transcendent leadership voice helps the organisation to have better communication among the different generations’ employees and it improves organisational effectiveness. In addition, transcendent leaders do mentoring programs and this can be helpful in all departments of the business, and have generally been even more effective in the sales department. There are many positive traits of the transcendent leadership and characteristics as these leaders want the workplace to be spiritual which can generate the fresh and invigorating organisational culture towards many of the positive outcome. 

The relationship among Transactional, Transformational and Transcendental Leadership 

In transactional leadership, the leaders focus on the benefits and transactions which have been implemented by the leaders or by his subordinates. The leaders in this type of leadership give more importance to him than that of the others. Thus under such circumstances, they will implement punishments and rewards for their subordinates so that the goals are attained. In this kind of leadership, the leaders prefer motivating the employees by providing benefits and also withdraws benefits as a part of punishments for not able to achieve the goal (Sayadi, Habibi, and Savabeih 2016). In the case of the transformational leadership, the leaders motivate the employees so that they can be transformed and developed as per the requirement of the organisation. In most of the cases, these employees under the influence of the transformational leaders are developed into leaders themselves (Rutelione, Hopeniene and Žalimiene, 2018). Thus this kind of leadership requires a substantial amount of trust in between the leaders and the subordinates. While in the case of the transcendent leadership, the leaders believe in certain core ideals that include bravery, reliability, modesty, truth, harmony, understanding and bravery.  

Hence these kinds of leaders have experiences that are unique and also assist in maintaining the sustainability in the company. The values which this type of leadership holds includes capabilities, boundaries, and potentialities that allows the staffs and the leaders in aligning themselves with the vision of the company where they are working. The main difference between the transcendent leadership from the other forms of leadership involves the proper management of the employment relationship rather than on the organisation framework. This kind of leadership is ruled by value-based vision (Lopez-Palomino and Mendoza-Gomez 2018). One of the most important aspects that differentiate transcendent leadership from transformational and transactional leadership is their ability to create and influence people so that he can align the team working under him according to the vision and working process of the organisation. This will also ensure that the team working under the transcendent leaders can achieve the set targets. The leadership perspectives have been originally established based on the hierarchy that is handled through value leadership, cultural leadership and excellent management of the team. According to Lopez-Palomino and Mendoza-Gomez (2018), when in one hand the transcendental leadership concentrates on the holistic leadership which helps in integrating with the four different essences of human existent that includes physical, logical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the leaders. While in case of the transformation and transactional leaders the leaders are controlled by the physical, rational and logical aspects but not spiritual aspect.

Advantages of transcendent leadership over transactional and transformational leadership 

In the case of both transactional and transformational leadership, the leaders are usually criticised for their self-centred assumptions. This kind of leaders is only limited to the impacts on the followers, biases. It identifies the followers as loyal and obedient but personally, these employees or followers are usually emotional, irrational, immature and low on self-esteem. That is why when the leaders adopt this kind of attitude towards guiding of the team members it results in risky and institutionalised challenges resulting in unethical practices (Isebor 2018). One of the dark sides of the transactional leadership is that these leaders are narcissist, exploitive, totalitarian and self-aggrandizing. They have the tendency of abusing power and also in many cases may manipulate their followers or team members for their own personal gain.  Thus, these leaders are mostly concerned with the self-interest and the vision of these leaders is mostly controlled by self-interest as well as a sense of grandiosity.  

These leaders do not care about the long term effectiveness of the organisation. In many cases, transformational and transactional leaders are observed to create a distance with the followers or with the subordinates. Besides these leaders also concentrates on the dependence, obedience and submission of the employees or the followers (Shiri and Nasrolahi 2017). The vision congruence that is created by the leaders in these cases forces the employees or the team members to follow blindly whatever the leader says that impacts on the performances and consistencies in the work process. One of the dangers in this kind of leadership is the employees or the followers lose their individuality, innovation and creativity. The leaders in this kind of leadership do not encourage or build confidence among the employees.  As a result of which the articulation of the organisational vision is not done or portrayed in a neutral manner which negatively influences the employees.   

In the case of transformational leadership, the leaders are mostly criticizing to lack concerns related to ethics or morality. Under a truly transformational leadership, it is important for the leaders to concentrate on the moral foundations and ethical values towards the company (Crossan, Vera and Nanjad 2008). In many cases the leaders following the transformational leadership are although grounded by integrity human dignity, trust and charisma; however, the leaders fail to concentrate on the importance of moral safeguard of the employees and the followers.  


The study can be concluded with an understanding that the transcendental leadership helps in transcending and extending the existing theories of leadership that are effective in the motivation of the followers. It is understood that this kind of leadership is much more universal and beneficial for the organisation extrinsically, transiently and intrinsically when compared with the transformational and transactional leadership. Thus, transformational leadership is a follower centric leadership where the leader although believes on the overall good, self-sacrifice and serving of the followers but lacks motives that will play a fundamental role in driving the profitability of the company.  

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