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How Goals get you to where you want to be Counterpoints Is Disagreement About Goal. Advantage And Disadvantage Of Goal?

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Lunenburg (2011) has stated in his research work that organizations cannot subsist as well grow for a longer amount of time without acquiring generalobjectives, as goals give an organization a determination as well as course to move near the whole year. Presslee, Vance and Webb (2013) have opined in their research work that separately from helping an organization to accomplish its purposes, developinggoals with the employees are helpful in boosting the employee engagement as well as retention by guaranteeing that every team member understands their own role in the complete strategy. However, at this point, focus would be shed on benefits of setting goals from the employees’ perspectives and these are as follows:

Goals can provide a future direction to the business that in turn help the employees in their everyday decision making procedure.

Mone and London (2018) have explained in their research work that goals are often used as a motivational tool for the employees.

From the research works of Agran and Krupp (2011), it can be found out that many employees have opined that setting goals in the organizations are helpful in limiting stress, maintaining proper focus on the jobs and reducing wasted time.

Lunenburg (2011) has explained that often it seems that goals make the life more challenging, but at the same time, it can be stated that setting goals give a sense of personal satisfaction, as setting as well as reaching the personal as well as professional goal helps one appreciate the abilities and gives the idea of one’s full potential.

It can be stated that when one employee in the organization have a clear goal in front along with enough resources and time, there is more scope for creativity as well as freedom of thoughts.

After analysing different perspectives on the benefits of setting goals in an organization for the employees, it is required to focus on the disadvantages as well. Grant, Gino and Hofmann (2011) have explained in their research work that goal development can be a good motivator, though there are advantages and difficulties, because without appropriatearrangement, developing goals can be as destructive as it can be inspiring. 

From the analysis of Albrecht et al. (2015), it can be observed that goals that are very vague can lead to poor performances compared to particular and challenging goals, as the goals that are not properly crafted can become demotivating. Therefore, it can be stated that of the goals seem to be not specific enough, then the employees often do not feel motivated to achieve that.

Achieving the set objective make the employees ignorant of many other opportunities, which in turn often affect the performances on tasks that are not related to the goals.

Mone and London (2018) have explained properly in their research work that deferment makes one feel less self-assured about the thoughts or the goals that in turn makes the implementation of the plan even later.

Most importantly, it can be stated that the pressure of achieving the set goal is so real that it stresses the human body as well as mind. Continuous pressure and stress of achieving goals takes a person to lose his interest and makes him intimated to the set goals.

Often it can be found out that achieving goals in the organization within a short time make the employees less creative and the highly creative people start losing interest on their works. 

Therefore, it can be stated that keeping in mind the disadvantages of setting goals, one must not fall into the trap of achieving big things by completing these goals. One is required to set the goals that are challenging yet a little easy to compete maintaining every aspects (Grant, Gino and Hofmann, 2011). 

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