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DSCC 210 Digital Imaging

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Digital imaging is intended to create a representation of an object's visual characteristics (such as a physical scene or the internal structure of a thing). The term is generally assumed to include the processing, compression, storage, printing and display of such images. Compared to analogue images such as photographs from the film, digital images' main advantage is that they can be digitally copied and duplicated indefinitely without degrading image quality.

Digital images can be classified according to the type of electromagnetic radiation or other waves. When they pass through objects or reflect them, their variable attenuation conveys the information that makes up the image. In all digital photos, data is converted into a digital signal by an image sensor, then processed by a computer and displayed as a visible-light image. For example, the visible light environment allows various digital cameras (including digital camcorders) to be used for digital photography (including digital photography). X-rays can be used for digital X-ray imaging (digital radiography, fluoroscopy, and CT), and gamma rays can be used for digital gamma imaging (digital scintillation imaging, SPECT, and PET). Sound enables ultrasound (such as medical ultrasound) and sonar, while radio waves enable radar. Digital image processing is very suitable for image analysis and image editing (including image processing) using the software.

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