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Reflect on and discuss your experience with the Team Simulation. Frame your comments with respect to Organizational Behavior concepts, such as roles, division of labor, power, team development, social loafing etc. What aspects of your experience typified these concepts? In what areas and how could the team improve?

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Team simulation is active participation and also an immersive simulation experiences which would help to relate and build around the technical and non-technical skill enhancement. It is where the simulations are conducted and also be part of the large groups along with step to maintain the interest of observers which would help to not disengage in terms of the learning experience that would be challenging. It is important to implement the tag team simulation which would help to synchronize with the aim of ensuring and also be able to build with both participants and observers that would be intended to be active and integral roles being part of the simulation (Bartol, 2017). In an organization, the role of the team simulation plays an important and integral part of the teamwork.

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